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Moving Averages Controlled by Slicer

Two Month Moving Average in Power Pivot Six Month Moving Average in Power Pivot


Two Month Moving Average is Pretty Smooth.  But Six Months is Smoooooother.
(Imagine Barry White Saying That:  “Ohhh Yeaahhh…  A Six-Month Moooving Average.  Smoooooth…”)

It’s already been a couple weeks back (yikes!), but I recently wrote a post on simple moving averages in Power Pivot.

One of the questions, in the comments, was how to control the “length” of the moving average dynamically:



What’s That???  Oh No!  That’s DISCONNECTED SLICER’s Music!!
(Yes That’s a Reference to [link removed due to 404] Pro Wrestling Entrance Music, A Fascinating Read)

Hey, when TWO people ask for something, and one of them deploys CAPITAL LETTERS in the effort, and then pairs said uppercase with one of my favorite words “(“enhance”), well, I’m hooked.

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