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Rob Collie

One of the founding engineers behind PowerPivot at Microsoft during his 14 year career in Redmond, and formerly CTO at Pivotstream LLC, Rob is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the PowerPivot platform.  His experience extends from software design and engineering through market strategy, and he is also the author of the world’s #1-selling PowerPivot book.

Rob is an accomplished public speaker and trainer, having past spoken at large scale events like Microsoft TechEd and Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference, and also headlining/keynoting community tech events in locations varying from Stockholm to Ann Arbor.

At Pivotstream, Rob led a transition away from traditional, more restrictive tools, and onto a client-facing, multi-tenant PowerPivot extranet platform.  Pivotstream rapidly added firms such as Walgreens, LA Fitness, Procter and Gamble, Conagra, GlaxoSmithkline, Johnson and Johnson, and Revlon as clients.

Rob’s experience as a member of the MS product team, combined with his hands-on experience applying it at industrial scale, puts him in a unique position to advise, train, and assist others in their adoption of PowerPivot.  As such, he is on the road twice a month conducting 1- and 2-day jumpstarts for clients such as those listed above.  Hands-on training with PowerPivot client and server, using your organization’s data and business problems, is a crucial component of this offering.

Email:  [email protected]

Follow Rob on Twitter:  @powerpivotpro


Kasper de Jonge

After many successful years spent as a Microsoft BI consultant for ADA ICT in The Netherlands, Kasper de Jonge has recently relocated to Redmond WA to join the PowerPivot team at Microsoft.  His arrival in Redmond ended an 8-month search by the team to fill the position vacated by Rob – a fitting conclusion given that Rob and Kasper had become friends, co-bloggers on this site, and international basketball opponents long before Rob even left MS.

In 2007 Kasper started blogging on MS BI at  There you will find many in-depth posts on PowerPivot, SSRS 2008 R2, SharePoint 2010, PerformancePoint and anything else that might come up.

With the release of PowerPivot CTP2 in November 2009, Kasper jumped into PowerPivot and has been using it literally every day since then.  Kasper finds PowerPivot to be an extremely useful and powerful tool even though he comes from a strong developer background, and as such his posts are a very useful addition to PowerPivotPro as a complement to Rob’s Excel-focused background.

Kasper dominates American BI specialists (like Rob) on the basketball court, and provides this service free of charge.

Kasper is currently very busy working on the upcoming release of PowerPivot, BISM, Crescent, and all things MS SQL BI.  But we anxiously await his return to blogging in the coming months.

Follow Kasper on Twitter:  @kjonge