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6+ Years of Experience Distilled into 22 Hours!

Self-paced Power Pivot video training course, capturing Rob Collie’s experience teaching, writing, and using Power Pivot since 2009! Join the thousands of people already trained, and learn from the guy who designed it all back at Microsoft…

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20+ hours video on comprehensive Power Pivot
Entertaining, easy-to-understand style
Designed for Excel people
1 year of unlimited access to videos
Concepts demystified via clear animations and examples
Bonus e-book and guides
Bulk discounts available for multiple attendees

A year of access just $349

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Q & A

How are the courses delivered?

The course is a series of remote-learning video modules streamed from You have unrestricted, repeat access to the course for 12 months, so you can revisit topics as needed. All accompanying data sets and workbooks are provided.

Why teach it through Digital Chalk?

Digital Chalk provides a solid Learning Management System (LMS) platform that is easy to use and secure.

Is this class good for beginners?

Yes it is good for beginners, but it moves fairly quickly through the basics. So it doesn’t jump straight into the deep end, but it leaves the shallow end quickly and steadily swims out from there.

Can I ask questions during the course?

YES. You are encouraged to ask any and all questions that come up. There is a comment feature in the course that allows you to submit questions and comments that I will receive and respond to, and you are always welcome to submit questions to [email protected]

What is the format for the training?

It’s a series of “go at your own pace, watch on your own time” video modules with accompanying workbooks. You can re-watch the lessons as often as you’d like. Pause, rewind, and jump to bookmarks.

Is this the only course you have?

Right now, Yes, but it is very comprehensive. Soon, we will begin offering course modules individually for those who don’t need the whole course, and we will be adding new mini-courses on various topics.

Who is teaching the course?

This course is taught by me, Rob Collie.

Should I be scared by the word “Comprehensive?”

Not at all. My course operates at the same level as this blog. You will learn dozens of powerful techniques in a simple, “human” style.

What are the enrollment and payment options?

As an individual, you can enroll yourself via this link. It’s a typical e-commerce experience and you pay with a credit card. If you want to enroll multiple people or pay via invoice, call us at +1 (440) 719-9000 or email us at [email protected] and we can work with you on what you need.

Do you have affiliate or reseller programs for the course?

Yes we have an affiliate program, as the power of community is important in spreading the word about Power Pivot. Qualified affiliates can earn 20% or more on enrollments. Contact [email protected] for details.

What Others Have Said

“I cannot imagine work without the things I’ve learned about Power Pivot in this course.”

“I really appreciate your attention to detail and your unassuming approach. Mind blowing stuff! My life will be so much easier now.”

“This curriculum is unique and very valuable. Actually priceless. Big thank you.”

“I’ve taken a lot of online Excel classes and all of them have been good. But this course is absolutely the best I’ve taken. What a value!! I’ve paid twice as much for classes with half the content. Your ability to communicate complicated ideas without technical jargon and heavy theory is remarkable.”

“The content in this course is super accessible, so retention is high and you want to keep going to each next lesson. I’ve come away from literally each one with something I put to use right away. Worth Every penny.”

“I’ve taken the other prominent Power Pivot online courses/workshops, but this one gave me a MUCH better understanding.”