PowerPivotPro is Coming to Houston

April 17 - 19, 2018


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APRIL 17 - 18

Foundations: Power Pivot & Power BI

Instructor: Austin Senseman

Super charge your analytics and reporting skills with Microsoft’s dynamic duo. Designed to handle huge volumes of data, these tools will transform the way you work. Two Days in our class and you are EMPOWERED!


  • Not just the “hard” skills, but also the “soft” stuff (when and why to use it, how to get the best results for your organization, etc.)
  • Learn Microsoft’s secret weapon behind Power Pivot & Power BI: DAX
  • You don’t need to be an IT professional – most of our students come from an Excel background
PowerPivotPro Training Classes - Houston
PowerPivotPro Training Classes - Houston

APRIL 17 - 18

Level Up Series: Advanced DAX

Instructor: Ryan Sullivan

Foundations taught us how to remove repetitive, manual work and make impactful insights. Advanced DAX is about making it rain money by better informing decisions!


  • Taught completely in Power BI Desktop
  • If Foundations is a 101 course, hands-on work experience with DAX is 201, and Advanced DAX is 301.
  • This class will teach you how DAX really works, how to build complex reports that are still digestible, and how to use that information to drive your business.


Level Up Series: Power Query for Excel & Power BI

Instructor: Ryan Bergstrom

Copy-paste? Dragging formulas down? SAME THING EVERY WEEK?… No more. Teach your computer how to build your reports for you. Set and forget!


  • This class will teach you how to connect to all of your data (no matter where it lives), shape it so DAX can run automagically, and have your computer remember the steps so you never have to do it again.
  • You don’t need to be an IT professional – most of our students come from an Excel background
  • Taught simultaneously in Excel and Power BI
PowerPivotPro Training Classes - Houston
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Learn Power Query at Your Own Pace!

Learn the core fundamentals of Power Query and many Best Practices and common techniques lead by two of the world’s top Power Query experts. Even if you already know and use other tools for data/ETL process – learn how Power Query can be used to clean, reshape, transform, or combine your data! In just 7 hours, you can be an Excel Power Query Pro! Save valuable time using Excel/Power Pivot/Power BI + Power Query and have more time to focus on the FUN part of exploring your data and finding valuable insights!

$299 for a full year of access!


With purchase of Comprehensive Power Pivot and Comprehensive Power Query.
*Applied automatically at checkout

What's Included?

  • Learn at your own pace
  • 7 hours of training videos
  • 31 courses
  • Average 15 minutes in length
  • Access to course for 1-year
  • Demo’s in Excel 2013, 2016, and Power BI Desktop
  • Example Excel & Power BI Desktop files with M code
  • Calendars, Custom Calendars
  • Certificate of Completion

About the Instructors

Miguel Escobar

Miguel Escobar is the co-author of ‘M is for Data Monkey’, blogger, and also a Youtuber of powerful Excel video Tricks. He also holds the Microsoft MVP distinction and Microsoft Certified Professional for Excel. Miguel is an Excel specialist turned into a BI specialist – using the latest tools from Microsoft for BI – Power BI.

Ken Puhls

Ken Puls is a Chartered Professional Accountant, blogger, author and trainer with over 20 years of business experience. His passion lies in exploring tools to turn data into information, and teaching others how to benefit from them. He has held the Microsoft MVP distinction since 2006, and has been recognized as a Fellow of his accounting organization.