Online Power Query Video Training: Learn Power Query at Your Own Pace!

Self-paced online Power Query video training course. Learn the core fundamentals of Power Query and many Best Practices and common techniques lead by two of the world’s top Power Query experts. Even if you already know and use other tools for data/ETL process – learn how Power Query can be used to clean, reshape, transform, or combine your data! In just 7 hours, you can be an Excel Power Query Pro! Save valuable time using Excel/Power Pivot/Power BI + Power Query and have more time to focus on the FUN part of exploring your data and finding valuable insights!

This self-paced course is designed to build your Power Query skills! Learn how to Extract, Load and Transform your data using Power Query in Excel versions 2010, 2013, 2016 and PBI.

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What’s included?

Learn at your own pace
7 hours of training videos
31 courses
Average 15 minutes in length
Access to course for 1-year
Demo’s in Excel 2013, 2016, and Power BI Desktop
Example Excel & Power BI Desktop files with M code
Calendars, Custom Calendars
Certificate of Completion

Who should take this course?

Do you work with data?
Do you work with data in Excel?
Do you find yourself repeating data preparation steps over and over?
Do you want to find a better way?
Do you export data to use in Excel?
Do you have many different data sources?
Do you want to use Power Pivot?
Do you want to use Power BI?
Do you have some knowledge of what Power Query is and what it can do but want to learn Best Practice from the experts?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions then YOU are someone that MUST take this course!

Comprehensive Power Query

$299 for a full year of access!


With purchase of Comprehensive Power Pivot and Comprehensive Power Query.
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Miguel Escobar

Miguel Escobar

Miguel is the co-author of ‘M is for Data Monkey’, blogger, and also a Youtuber of powerful Excel video Tricks. He also holds the Microsoft MVP distinction and Microsoft Certified Professional for Excel. Miguel is an Excel specialist turned into a BI specialist – using the latest tools from Microsoft for BI – Power BI.

Ken Puhls

Ken Puls

Ken Puls is a Chartered Professional Accountant, blogger, author and trainer with over 20 years of business experience. His passion lies in exploring tools to turn data into information, and teaching others how to benefit from them. He has held the Microsoft MVP distinction since 2006, and has been recognized as a Fellow of his accounting organization.

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Q & A

How are the courses delivered?

The course is a series of remote-learning video modules streamed from You have unrestricted, repeat access to the course for 12 months, so you can revisit topics as needed. All accompanying data sets and workbooks are provided.

Why teach it through Digital Chalk?

Digital Chalk provides a solid Learning Management System (LMS) platform that is easy to use and secure.

Is this class good for beginners?

Yes it is good for beginners, but it moves fairly quickly through the basics. So it doesn’t jump straight into the deep end, but it leaves the shallow end quickly and steadily swims out from there.

Can I ask questions during the course?

YES. You are encouraged to ask any and all questions that come up. There is a comment feature in the course that allows you to submit questions and comments that I will receive and respond to, and you are always welcome to submit questions to [email protected]

What is the format for the training?

It’s a series of “go at your own pace, watch on your own time” video modules with accompanying workbooks. You can re-watch the lessons as often as you’d like. Pause, rewind, and jump to bookmarks.

Should I be scared by the word “Comprehensive?”

Not at all. My course operates at the same level as this blog. You will learn dozens of powerful techniques in a simple, “human” style.

What are the enrollment and payment options?

As an individual, you can enroll yourself via this link. It’s a typical e-commerce experience and you pay with a credit card. If you want to enroll multiple people or pay via invoice, call us at +1 (440) 719-9000 or email us at [email protected] and we can work with you on what you need.

Do you have affiliate or reseller programs for the course?

Yes we have an affiliate program, as the power of community is important in spreading the word about Power Pivot. Qualified affiliates can earn 20% or more on enrollments. Contact [email protected] for details.

What Others Have Said

I always used SQL to do all my data prep work and I did not realize the full benefits of using Power Query and how easy it really is to learn!  The M language was intimidating, it seemed primitive and something that I might never learn!  But after going through the video courses, seeing the common techniques applied and really understanding how Power Query works – I am no longer afraid and I am able to use Power Query with confidence.  This course will give Excel/Power Pivot/Power BI users a solid foundation of the core Power Query concepts.  I would highly recommend this course For anyone that works with data and uses Excel or that wants to use Excel with Power Pivot and/or Power BI.  Having the Example files to refer back to when you need them is a big time-saver!