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Grab Bag of Fun

Post by Rob Collie


Assortment of Quick and Fun Topics

I keep something called Ye Olde OneNote List of Future Blog Topics.  You know, I think of something and go “ooh, that would be a good thing to write about,” so I add it to YOOLOFBT.

Problem is, said list sometimes grows a lot faster than the rate at which I produce finished blog posts.  So…  good topics just get buried sometimes.

Today, let’s make sure a few of those topics get to see the light of day.  Like children who’ve been cooped up in the house all winter, they need to go outside and play in the yard.

#1:  DataZen Post “Wins”

Last week’s post on Datazen positively shocked me with the number of page views it got.  It set the all-time record for single-day views of a given post, AND that traffic also led to the single best day for overall traffic.  (A rising Datazen topic lifts all posts.  Something like that.)

And it wasn’t close, either.  Both new records eclipsed the former records by healthy margins.

The take-away, I think, is that mobile visuals SELL.  This excerpt from last week sums it up nicely:


So if you’re trying to increase Power Pivot buy-in at your company, Datazen is worth a look.  It’s a gateway drug.

#2:  Power Update Passes 2000 Downloads

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The Ultimate Date Table–Revisited

Guest post by Dominik Petri, who I am stoked to say is translating the book into German!  Today he shares a cool “hybrid” technique that blends two of my favorites things – Data Market and Power Query!

Take it away, Dominik…

Selecting a DateStream calendar from Power Query Navigator taskpane


As you might already know from Rob’s “The Ultimate Date Table” post, you need a separate calendar table to unleash the power of Power Pivot’s time intelligence functions. You want one for free? Fully customizable? Running up to a variable end date? Updated automatically every time you open your workbook? The time has come…

Get a great calendar table – for free

Boyan Penev has put together various calendar tables that you can download from Azure DataMarket directly into Power Pivot – for free. Again, see Rob’s postfor details. So far, so good. But it is a pain to filter the data range you want to import. But there is Power Query!

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Modelling condoms power!

Intro from Rob:  Um, why bother with an intro?  Let’s proceed…

Condom Power (Pivot)

Olgeta! I’m Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom (Twitter, LinkedIn, [link removed due to 404] Blog) and work in the public international health field as program analyst for the Oil Search Health Foundation in Papua New Guinea (although most of the time I work from Sydney).

Part of my job is to create reports from the vast amounts of public health data the Health Foundation produces and/or keeps track of. For instance, I try to make sense of our HIV testing-, malaria diagnosis- and condom distribution data and measure it against performance indicators and targets.

In this post I will discuss one of the examples from Rob’s blog. Remember ‘Modelling Viral Growth’? This is an addendum, based on real-life application and modification of the model.

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