A rough night here at PowerPivotPro HQ.  We suddenly lost the coolest dog I have ever known, the wonderful Mulan:

The PowerPivot Puppy

Mulan Saying “You gave me this treat, but there’s no way I’m eating it outside like a savage.
Let me inside so I can eat like a civilized person.”

I known it’s cliché to say “coolest dog ever,” but for point of reference, we have two other dogs too, and we love them dearly, but Mulan was far and away our favorite.  The other two dogs are dogs, which I consider to be one of the highest compliments one can bestow on an organism.  But Mulan was a person in a dog form factor.

Anyway last night’s ordeal sets back the schedule a bit.

In the meantime there is something very interesting being announced over on Chandoo.org.  I’ll have more – lots more – to say about that soon, but can’t do it justice today.