Lots more interest still flowing in through the registration page.  Updated status (changes in CAPS)…

Places that are ready:  NEW YORK, DALLAS, INDIANAPOLIS, KANSAS CITY, LONDON, NORTHERN ENGLAND, Portland, Detroit, Washington DC, Vancouver BC, Boston, Cincy/Dayton, Milwaukee/Madison, Seattle, Atlanta.

Places that are getting close:  CHARLOTTE, NASHVILLE, BIRMINGHAM (Alabama), GENEVA, COPEHNAGEN, OSLO, STOCKHOLM, Minneapolis/St. Paul,  Chicago, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney.

Places that just need an organizer:  NorCal and Denver still slacking in this regard Smile

But there’s an actual Power View technique/fix to be reported here, one that paints a much nicer picture of Europe especially…


Europe Has a Lot More Bubbles than Originally Thought Smile

I got a comment/question from Bob Phillips yesterday:


No, actually.  A missing bubble on the chart means Power View thinks you don’t exist.  (More fairly, Bing doesn’t think you exist, since Power View uses Bing to plot the bubbles.)  But I’ve talked to Bob in person.  I know he exists!  And I know there’s a city named Southampton, because Pink Floyd once did a song called Southampton Dock.  (See how cultured I am?  I’m no Ugly American, or am I…  see below.)  So there’s a problem here.  Power View – why you no like Bob Phillips?

Yesterday I also got this particularly pointed and creative response to the “What City/State/Country do you live in” question in the signup survey:


An Irishman Skewers the Ugly American Survey Writer
(Mental Note to Make Sure I Call it “State/Province” in the Future)

After some sleuthing, it turns out the two problems are related.

I had a calc column in the PowerPivot window (the survey results are exported from Polldaddy as CSV):

=[City] & “, ” & [State] & “, ” & [Country]


And I use that column as the location field for the map chart – those are the values that Power View feeds to Bing to find locations.

But some people, particularly in Europe, didn’t know what to enter for the State question, which I had made mandatory.

Sometimes they filled in the name of their City, resulting in “Copenhagen, Copenhagen, DK” as the Location field.  Bing “liked” that, and Power View therefore plotted a dot/bubble on the chart.

But if you entered the name of your Country there, resulting in something like “Herning, Denmark, DK” – Bing got confused.  And Power View doesn’t display any dot/bubble at all!  (Ditto if you entered “xxxx” or “not applicable.”)

So I changed the calc column to NOT use the State column unless Country=US:

              [City] & “, ” & [State] & “, ” & [Country],
              [City]& “, ” & [Country]

Giving me:


All of these Locations Now Show Up in Power View

Or at least, I think all of them now show up on the Power View map.  It would be nice if Power View would tell me which rows are not getting a result back from Bing in terms of location, so I could spot problems like this sooner and debug them more effectively once spotted.

Anyway Europe, you’re doing much better now Smile