Had a wonderfully entertaining and intriguing discussion with someone today that brought this back to mind.

A few years ago, someone posted a survey on SlashDot, asking “Who is the most powerful wizard?”  The choices were things like Harry Potter, Voldemoort, and Gandalf.  But there were some entertaining write-in votes as well.

My favorite, of course, was this one.  And remember that SlashDot is not exactly a pro-Microsoft forum:

“The Excel Pivot Table Wizard’s magic is both arcane and available for use by mere mortals. Forged in the fires of the dread mount Microsoft, wrapped in evil, the Excel Pivot Table Wizard freely gives to all men willing to read two pages of documentation. By aligning yourself with him, you become master of the office, performing tasks in seconds that would take the peons working in the mines with you eons to accomplish through normal means. The wizards magic is irresistible, locking you into an enchanted dungeon of a single proprietary operating system and it comes at no mean cost for you or your company. But in the end, should you wish to win on the field of economic battle, you must ally yourself with the Excel Pivot Table Wizard.”

Hilarious.  I had that tacked to the door of my office for several years.  (I also love the author’s struggle between his anti-MS prejudice on one hand, and his simple acknowledgment of the value on the other.  We all struggle with something I guess.)

Anyway, I’m brewing some tea and settling in for some work on the Great Football Project.  I’ve been away from it for too long and it is time.