Colin posted a good comment regarding my last football post:  not all columns/tables from the PowerPivot window are needed in the Field List, and it would be better if we could hide them.

Turns out that there IS such a dialog in CTP3 (I’m told it was also in CTP2, I just never used it):

   PowerPivot Hide Fields Dialog

This is showing me all fields from the DimLeadingVsTrailing table, and lets me hide fields – both from the PowerPivot window, and from the Pivot Field List.

OK, so I marked 3 of those 4 fields to be hidden from the Field List.  I also marked ALL of the fields from the DimHomeAway table, and here is what the Field List shows me now for those tables:

   PowerPivot Hidden Fields in Field List

OK, I only see Description from the one table, as expected.  Nice :)  And the DimHomeAway table is no longer expandable, because all of its fields are hidden.

One could argue, of course, that maybe DimHomeAway should not show up at all.  In fact, I’m gonna go make that argument right now 🙂

(Update:  we are trying to fix that before we release final bits.  Cross your fingers.)

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