PowerPivot Training & Consulting
PowerPivotPro offers a variety of PowerPivot training and consulting options to help you attain your PowerPivot goals and achieve your desired business results.

Help From One of the World’s Best

Rob spent thirteen years at Microsoft designing and building functionality for the Excel audience, spanning from Excel 2003 to PowerPivot itself. He designed most of the v1 PowerPivot for Excel experience, as well as, many aspects of PivotTables themselves.

Since leaving Microsoft in early 2010, PowerPivot has been his entire focus — writing the world’s most popular PowerPivot blog and best-selling PowerPivot book, running the world’s first PowerPivot hosting service, and building hundreds of industrial-strength PowerPivot models and reports for the Retail, CPG, and Pharmaceutical Industries. In short, when you hire PowerPivotPro, you are hiring one of the world’s foremost PowerPivot teachers AND practitioners.

Organizations that have hired Rob’s training and consulting services include:
PowerPivotPro client logos: Microsoft, Sandia, Graybar, MarketSource, LA Fitness, Allegis Group, Tenneco, Erico, Hard Dollar, Ongweoweh, BMD

Training Offerings

Training offerings are flat fee plus travel expenses (if applicable) and all consulting offerings are billed at an hourly rate. Email training@powerpivotpro.com for more information.

On-site PowerPivot Training

When you hire Rob to train your team, you are not purchasing a generic classroom experience. Instead, you are hiring one of the world’s formeost PowerPivot teachers/practitioners to essentially BECOME a member of your team for one or two days. Rather than using sample data sets and training scripts, you will use your existing data sets and business problems as the framework for teaching everything from fundamentals through advanced techniques.

Rob can provide one or two-day tailored training/consulting sessions at your location for up to 12 individuals.

Remote Group training

Rob will follow the same agenda as the on-site training, working with your data and business problems, delivering training remotely via GoToMeeting.

Remote 1:1 training

If you need general or specific PowerPivot training for just one or two people in your organization, Rob can provide remote 1:1 training via the internet.

Training can be scheduled in 4-hour blocks and you or Rob can set the agenda based on your needs.

Consulting Offerings

PowerPivot Assessment

Do you need help determining if PowerPivot is the right solution for your organization?  Or perhaps you believe it is the right solution but need expert confirmation or help selling your organization.
PowerPivotPro will look at your current situation including types and sources of data, your requirements for business intelligence and your goals and provide an assessment on whether PowerPivot is the right choice for you.
Additionally, if PowerPivot is a good solution for your organization, Rob can help you build the business case to take to your decision makers to help sell them on PowerPivot.

PowerPivot Questions, Problems, and General Consulting

Whether you need PowerPivot planning help, help writing DAX formulas, or have a full-blown PowerPivot emergency, PowerPivotPro can help.  Using whatever communication method/s work best for the situation, Rob can consult with you to get you to the desired end result.

Data Shaping Recommendations

Rob can apply his deep understanding of PowerPivot compression and data retrieval algorithms to offer you guidance on how to shape your data for maximum PowerPivot success and efficiency.

PowerPivot Report Visual Design/Polish

If you are struggling to give your finished PowerPivot report that professional look and feel, PowerPivotPro’s team can help.  Designers can help arrange data objects and pivot tables on your reports so they are user-friendly and look professional and clean.  In addition, they can help you match your branding and improve the overall aesthetics of your reports.

For more information on any of PowerPivotPro’s training or consulting offerings, email training@powerpivotpro.com.