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PowerPivot FAQ “But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”


“In answer to your query, they’re written down for me.”

-Blade Runner Holden

We’re fortunate to already have a number of great sources of PowerPivot information – the official site, some great blogs, and several forums.

We now find ourselves with a familiar problem, though:  given the breadth of the PowerPivot product, finding the answer to a specific question is often difficult unless you’ve been following all of those sources since their inception.  Digging through archives isn’t a lot of fun, even when assisted by a search engine.

So here it is…

[link removed due to 404] Click Here to Visit the Great PowerPivot FAQ

Contributing to the FAQ

Most of the q’s in the FAQ as of today came from a list I’d been maintaining in Excel, and I’ll of course be adding to it over time, but I hope to not be the only one responsible for all of this 🙂

So if you want to contribute, here are the three ways to do so:

  1. You can email me a question and answer (or post it in comments).  If I agree that it qualifies for the FAQ, I will post it to the FAQ and credit you as the contributor.
  2. You can send me an answer to a currently unanswered question, and again I’ll credit you.  Notice there’s an “Answered?” column in the FAQ, and there are a few “No’s” in there.
  3. I’m also hoping to have a few co-moderators who have edit rights.  I have a few people in mind and will be contacting them directly.  Depending on response, I might open it up to volunteers.

I don’t have enough logins to go around, and certainly don’t want to open anonymous editing, so for now that’s gonna have to be the system.

New Features of the FAQ

Have you ever noticed the View dropdown?  It contains 3 items of note:

View Dropdown_thumb[6]

Latest View

This view shows you the most recently updated FAQ items at the top.  Useful if you just want to see what’s new on a particular day.

Portuguese Translation View

Yes, this is real 🙂  Thiago Zavaschi has been translating FAQ content from English to Portuguese, to satisfy the hungry PowerPivot audience in Brazil 🙂

If you see a need for another language translation and would like to volunteer, please let me know.  It’s very easy for me to set up another view.

Unanswered Questions View

I know, hard to believe, but there actually ARE a few questions posted that have no answers yet.

If you see a question here that you know the answer to, please drop me or any of the [link removed due to 404] moderators a note.  We will credit you with the answer 🙂

Why SharePoint?

I chose to use SharePoint because it gives me a convenient publishing mechanism – I get a hyperlinked table of contents for free, without manually having to keep that up to date in HTML.  It also gives readers the ability to sort and filter, and I can annotate with additional columns as needed.  I can use that site to publish all kinds of other stuff, too – other lists, wikis, whatever.  (If you have suggestions let me know.)

Also, the Data Grid view let me directly copy/paste my existing list of questions and answers from Excel directly into SharePoint.

And all hosted for $9 a month (as long as I’m ok with anonymous access, which I am).  Not bad.