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1 Table, 50 Rows, 7 Columns: Analyze with PowerPivot? You Bet!

PowerPivot is ALSO good for SMALL Data Sets, like this Survey Data

Would You Feed This Data Set Into PowerPivot?  I Would.

“PowerPivot” is Really Just “BetterPivot” – PowerPivot Shines No Matter How Much Data You Have

I was having a conversation this weekend with a great guy who happens to be a business consultant and a hard-core convert to PowerPivot.  A True Believer.

At one point he mentioned that only about half of his clients “have enough data to benefit from PowerPivot.”

That’s a myth, but I can’t blame him (or anyone else) for unconsciously believing it.  People like me are responsible for the myth in the first place, because we love showing how PowerPivot takes complex data sets and chews them up.  We like drama.

But guess what folks?  About half of my PowerPivot usage is analysis on 50 rows or less.  Let me show you why, using this made-up data set.

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