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The Ideal PowerPivot Professional: How to Hire, Grow, or Become One


…But Don’t Expect Us to Wear Suits OK?

Got a great question in email yesterday from a potential training/consulting client.  Paraphrasing:

“…what’s the best way for our company to get the required PowerPivot/Financial analysis skills? Should we be hiring for them, developing them in-house or outsourcing them to other organizations?”

As I was replying to the email I realized this was a good topic to discuss publicly.  How should your organization find the right PowerPivot people?

The answer to this question, of course, is also quite relevant to the budding PowerPivot professional – the “Supply side” of the equation if you will – and therefore the majority of people reading this.  But I am going to approach the question from the employer side – the Demand side – because I think that’s the best way to answer the question for both parties.

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