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A mystifying and awesome solution for many 2 many

imageRip van Winkle wakes up and looks around

I have a confession to make:  when it comes to technology, I’m a much better writer than reader.  I don’t pay nearly as much attention to what everyone else is saying in their books and on their blogs.  I’m too hunkered down in my own little world, figuring things out my way, to notice all the good stuff that may be going by.

Sometimes you just have to accept who you are though.  The way I work…  works for me.  I grind away on things, like erosion, until a simple picture emerges.  (And then I screenshot that sucker with WinSnap and throw it on the blog next to a movie quote, heh heh.)

Well something got into me recently.  I started checking in on SQLRockstar’s blog a bit more often, because MAN – that guy puts together a simultaneously technical and human series of posts, with ridiculously high production values.  I don’t know SQL and I don’t intend to learn, but I read anyway.  I like to think what’s happening on his site is similar to what happens here:  tech is being yoked and bent to serve humanity, not vice versa.

Oh and you definitely should check out his Disclosures page.  I mean, what if he were part owner of the gentlemen’s club whose explosion he covered?  I’d want to know that, and it’s very responsible of him to come clean up front so we can all read with confidence.  Don’t you feel better?  I do.  Here, let me try it.  Disclosure:  Tom is planning to review my book.  I feel so clean!

But I did something else the other day too.  I actually Googled something about PowerPivot.  (I know!  A big step for me!)  And I found something AMAZING.

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