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Will Excel Destroy the World?

London Whale, Austerity, and Excel Errors.  Oh My.

Excel in the News for the Wrong Reasons

A number of friends and readers have been sending me links lately about some high-profile mistakes made with Excel.  I particularly like the one above where Excel is shown as a massive meteorite smashing into the Earth.

Since I am sure some of you are getting sent the same links, and sometimes in a not-so-subtle, snarky way, I thought it would be good to provide my opinion – maybe it will give you something constructive to say in response to them.

1) There’s a BIG Difference Between Analysis/Reporting vs. Simulation

Excel Simulations:  Heavy on Formulas.  Light on Data.


Simulation-Style Workbooks Operate Like This: Small Amount of Data, Lots of Formulas


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