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Shelly Meny

About Shelly

Shelly decided early on that she was not like other girls, and preferred Legos, Math, Star Wars, and most other geeky things in life.  So she decided to major in Industrial Engineering at Cal Poly and really liked it.  She worked after graduation at Sumitomo Sitix Silicon (now called SUMCO) playing with silicon wafers and occasionally dressing in plastic suits to go into the Fab.  She was put in charge of the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and enjoyed implementing automation projects on the production line.  That was all quite interesting, until they decided to close the Fremont plant where she was working.  So instead of pounding the pavement, Shelly decided to hang out with her babies for a while.

Now Shelly is  back in action, first working with Tiny Lizard doing mostly SQL client clean-up and ETLs.  Now Shelly is in charge of P3’s Help Desk, and seriously, there is never a dull day at the office now!  She is in charge of connecting clients with consultants, booking onsite trainings, is also helping with marketing, and whatever else Rob cooks up!  Also, Shelly is currently taking the on-line University because this stuff is too awesome.


B.S. in Industrial Engineering, California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo


  San Rafael, CA