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Ryan Bergstrom

About Ryan

Ryan earned a degree in Finance before beginning his career in sales. However, his inner geek caught up with him and turned him towards CRM and analytics. He spent several years serving as a CRM administrator and Sales & Marketing analyst in both the fitness industry and medical device field.

It didn’t take long before Ryan began pushing the limits of traditional Excel. After learning about Power Pivot & Power Query through a colleague, he found and opened his arms to the warm embrace of the online PowerPivotPro university… and every Power BI book he could get his hands on. Needless to say, Ryan was hooked and went from an Excel power user to a devoted cleric in the church of Power Pivot. As a member of PowerPivotPro, his dream of becoming a data televangelist can finally be realized, one data model at a time.

When he’s not giving analysts their lives back with Power Pivot, he’s watching improv, playing board games, or refining his BBQ skills.


Minneapolis, MN