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Reid Havens

About Reid

Reid Havens’ early love affair with Excel has, over the past few years, turned into a committed marriage with PowerPivot & Power BI. Reid, like many of our followers, got his first real training through the Power Pivot Pro University video course. Since completing that course Reid has taught Excel / Power BI at the University of Washington and other universities, and has joined our Seattle Office to help inspire the next generation of Modern Excel enthusiasts.

Since 2013 Reid has also been the Founder & CEO of Havens Consulting Inc. He has a formal background in technology and organizational management, having obtained separate degrees in Organizational Development & Business Analytics. Reid has experience working with Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft as well as with Non-Profit Organizations.


BA Psychology, Pacific Lutheran University
MA Leadership & Organizational Development, Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center


  Seattle, WA