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Justin Mannhardt

About Justin

Justin has been through the fires of data servitude and back again over a 12+ year career in a variety of business roles.  Along his journey, he knew there had to be a better way.  He set off acquiring skills in SQL Server and Azure, eventually settling in the promised land of Power BI.

Saying that Power BI changed his life isn’t under selling it.  To the best of his knowledge, he founded, developed, and trained the only team that is 100% dedicated to cleansing data with Power Query in the entire world.  (If you can prove him wrong, please send us a note.)

Helping individuals and companies find their Data Nirvana is now his mission.  He loves all things data, from ETL to Modern Data Warehousing to Dashboards.  Whether it’s small turbocharged DAX and M victories or taking on enterprise-scale Power BI deployments, he’s sure to have a good time doing it.

When he’s not having fun doing data things, you’ll find him grilling, mountain-biking, and saving the world from monsters with his 2 sons.


   Minneapolis, MN