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Free Webinar: Power Pivot and Power BI Book Discussion and Q&A

Date: Tue Jan 19th 9:00-10:00 AM Pacific Time (change timezone)

Buy the book before you attend our webinar. At signup you can vote for a chapter you would like us to review – a problem chapter you have struggled with or have questions around. We will kick off the webinar with the chapter review but leave ample time for Q&A with the book author(s).

Past Webinars: Excel to Power BI

We will resume our Excel to Power BI series shortly in 2016. Meanwhile you can watch the recording of past webinars.

Goal of this webinar is to introduce business users and teams using Excel to PowerBI. Power BI is the bold new direction of Microsoft BI and offers an agile, cost-effective approach to building a BI solution. We would layout the shortest path you can take to adopt and leverage the new technology to serve your business needs.

What You Would Learn:

Why teams using Excel need Power BI
Best way to upload and use your Excel files on Power BI
Easiest way to refresh your Power BI data
Go beyond Excel to leverage the Power BI platform
How you can influence the future direction of Power BI

Who Should Attend:

Business Users/Teams currently using Excel but looking to build automated, scalable BI solutions and analytics; while maintaining the agility and speed of Excel.

Contact: [email protected]

Past Webinars – Click to See Details

+ Webinar: How to build a BI solution using Power BI
(Recording Available)

Recording:Click here to watch a recording of the Jun 2nd Webinar.

Date: Tue Jun 2nd 12:00-1:00 PM Pacific Time (change timezone)

Who should attend?

Managers/Decision Makers: Who are looking to select a toolset to build their BI solution. Or those who have selected Power BI toolset but looking for a roadmap to implement that solution

Technology Professionals/Excel Users: With Power BI, Excel users can go toe-to-toe with top BI professionals and roll out complete BI solutions and not just ad-hoc reports/analysis. Learn the roadmap to transform your career.

What would we cover?

There is a lot of buzz around Power BI these days, but do you feel lost in the word soup? We’ll help you…

* Go past the jargon and demystify what you really need, to rollout a Power BI solution

* Show you a roadmap of the Power BI journey ahead of you
Whether you’re considering going to the cloud or staying On-premises

* Fit pieces of puzzle: Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View, Power BI…oh my!

* YouTube for Workbooks: Just as YouTube has made it easier to upload and share videos, we’ll show you the YouTube equivalent for your Excel Workbooks

* We’ll leave plenty of time for your Questions

Contact: [email protected]

+ Webinar: Excel to Power Pivot (Cross the Gap)

Date: Tue Mar 17th 9:00-10:00 AM PDT (change timezone)
Date/Time subject to change, check this page, for updates

No pre-registration required.
Information to join the meeting would be published on this page 1-hour prior to the meeting start time. [link removed due to 404] Prepare for the meeting – install software, join a test session and test audio. Attendance is limited, so join on time to save your spot.

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Our Webinars are not recorded, Click to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for all our recorded videos.

Who should attend?

– Any Excel User who is new to Power Pivot
– Or groups looking to explore the option of using Power Pivot for their BI needs

Is this you?

  • Are comfortable with Excel and Pivots…
  • Have heard about the new Power BI tools…
  • But have never really crossed over to actually using Power BI/Power PivotYou are not alone. There seems to be a gap from Excel to Power Pivot which many users can’t seem to leap across.

    Excel to Power Pivot: Cross the Gap

    This event is an INTERVENTION, to get users across the gap: from Excel to Power Pivot. We would walk you through all the key steps in building Power Pivot models to jumpstart your journey.

  • Walkthrough key steps in using Power Pivot and explain how Power Pivot supercharges regular Excel
  • Do it Yourself! We would provide you dataset and instrutions to try those steps yourself at your own pace and build your first data model. Best way to learn is by doing.
  • Q&A: There would be opportunity to ask questions and get help if you get stuck. See Q&A from Jan 20 and Q&A from Mar 17 webinar
  • Resources to continue your journeyThe steps we would cover: Pull data into Power Pivot, Build a Data Model, Write new Measures (Formulas), Write time-intelligence Measures (Formulas).

    What past workshop participants are saying


    Basic proficiency in Excel especially with Pivots

    Contact: [email protected]

    How it all started: Power Pivot – a revolution in slow motion