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Business-driven analytics - "out in the trenches" - are now a crucial pillar in any organization's overall data strategy, and Power BI is unmatched in that role. And while loosening the traditional IT bottleneck on data is clearly a Good Thing, democratizing data across the org presents brand-new challenges: Who should participate? How do you train them? What are their responsibilities? And above all, how do you reap the benefits without creating chaos?

It Takes a Pyramid

Your secret weapon is already on staff

You know it's impossible to keep tabs on thousands of people across all of your business units, but the good news is that you don't have to.

In our proven system, you identify a small audience of tech-capable people in the business, and turn them into Authors: the first line of support for the Business. Your partners. A force multiplier that makes the impossible, possible.

Getting Started

Custom strategic planning

No two organizations are the same, even though the end goal is the same. We'll work with you to produce a plan that fits your needs, tailored to where you are on the journey, how fast you need to move, and your unique internal culture.

Building Reliable, Capable Authors

Power BI Training

We teach your Excel gurus to LOVE Power BI

Reference Project “Co-Development”

Collaborative dev of a valuable project delivers immediate biz impact & buy-in while reinforcing training.

On-Demand Helpdesk Support

After training and first co-dev project, Authors graduate to self-sufficiency, requiring only occasional troubleshooting support and assistance with particular challenges.

Let's start YOUR story.
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Things to Consider:

Monitoring & Alerts

Built-in usage reporting is far from sufficient when operating at scale, allowing problems to grow in the dark. A monitoring framework alerts you to problems early, when they are most fixable.

Power Apps and Flow

The quality and speed of insights from Power BI won't yield their maximum impact unless business users can quickly take action. Power Apps and Flow fill precisely that need.

Upsizing Critical Solutions

The business is a laboratory, and your Authors are scientists. When they invent something of sufficient power, you may need to take ownership of their creation. Good news: no re-writes needed.

Data Flows

Like it or not, the business now has a seat at the ETL table. Learn to use this to your organization's advantage, and it won't be such a scary thought.

What Goes Into

The top-down plan

It runs the gamut from "software stuff" (ex: license planning, gateway deployment, modernizing your storage and ETL strategies) to "org stuff" (ex: which biz units to onboard first, bringing rogue departments into the fold, defining an IT-Business contract).

But it doesn't have to be daunting. We've seen it all, and you'll benefit from our many years of experience.

Our total adoption & governance team

Rob Collie - Founder and CEO

Former co-founding engineering leader on Power BI at Microsoft, author of the #1-selling book on Power BI, and longtime veteran of the data industry.

Rob Collie Founder and CEO
Ryan Bergstrom - Director of Client Services

Bet his career on Power BI - and won. Blends sharp tech skills with exceptional emotional intelligence. Leads our project consulting team.

Ryan Bergstrom Director of Client Services
Ryan Sullivan - Director of Client Services

Chose a life of Power BI consulting over an academic career in Math & Physics. Has not regretted it one bit. Leads our training services team.

Ryan Sullivan Director of Client Services
Brad Marshall - Systems Architect

25 years of experience with the Microsoft data platform, ranging from SQL and Power BI to Azure and Active Directory. Effective team leader.

Brad Marshall Systems Architect
An Unfair Advantage

Over a billion dollars of value created for our clients.

That's not hyperbole; it's simple truth. But that's what you get from a revolutionary toolset and philosophy: first mover advantage. And you and your org still can catch this early wave. Let's get started.