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Excellent, welcome!  Here are some quick links that catch you up on what’s going on here.  Have fun!

Pivot MatGetting Started

  1. What is PowerPivot – Introduction to what it’s all about.
  2. Top 5 PowerPivot Benefits for Excel pros – guest post on the official Microsoft Excel blog, explaining why PowerPivot will change the daily lives of Excel pros forever.
  3. And a followup post here on how PowerPivot makes your formulas “portable” for the first time.  Part Two of that post is located here.
  4. Meet the Pros – Who are we and why this site?
  5. Download PowerPivot – Get PowerPivot for yourself (the Excel component is free, and there’s even a free trial of Excel 2010), plus tips on installing it
  6. Your First PowerPivot Workbook – Want a jumpstart?  Grab the workbook that I created for my “temperature mashup demo.”

Case Studies and In-Depth Examples

  1. The Great Football Project – where I convert a pre-existing professionally-built BI database to PowerPivot.
  2. Temperature/Sales Mashup Demo – where I combine sales data with temperature statistics off of the web to do something truly unexpected.
    1. And part two is here
  3. Extranet Analytics Using PowerPivot – how Pivotstream uses PowerPivot to serve the retail, pharma, and consumer packaged goods industries.
  4. 48-Hour Case Study from Bing – one of my friends who works for Bing adopted PowerPivot for internal bug tracking in literally 48 hours.


The Great PowerPivot FAQ is a collaboration by members of Microsoft as well as some of the leading experts in the community.

The Book

If you’d like a jumpstart on maximizing the benefits of PowerPivot, one that takes a very “commonsense” and visual approach, this book is written specifically for the 30 million heavy users of Excel worldwide and aims to make your adoption/transition smooth and profitable.

PowerPivot Book Written Specifically for Excel Users, BY an Excel User

Click the Image for More Info, Sample Pages, and Reviews

Observations and Trends

  1. Observations from PowerPivot Training and Consulting – some of my reactions from teaching other organizations how to optimally utilize PowerPivot, and their reactions.
    1. Why Training and Consulting Should Be Mixed – based on experience with clients, I explain why I think this is the best approach.
    2. Why traditional BI doesn’t deliver the “Intelligence” – and why PowerPivot does.
  2. SharePoint’s Emergence as Platform – top 5 list that caught me completely by surprise.
    1. Observations #2 and #3 here
    2. #4 and #5 here
  3. PowerPivot’s impact on BI Pros – discussion amongst several BI professionals about whether PowerPivot means less or more opportunities for them.
  4. Forrester Top 10 – observations from a savvy analyst, and my take on how PowerPivot fits into those.
  5. Putting the “Intelligence” in Business Intelligence – how PowerPivot puts the human intellect back into the BI equation without compromising reliability.
    1. Part Two
    2. Part Three
    3. Related:  Microsoft Announces New Programming Language XL#
  6. 1,300 Measures – Nightmare or Utopia?  –  A somewhat controversial example of what happens when the business users gain access to more powerful tools.