Sometimes a little bit of help is all you need:  a particular formula, a quick-start “recipe” for a new model or dashboard, or even a review of an existing model.  There’s just one or two pieces missing from the puzzle, and all you need is some quick, inexpensive assistance to get you over the obstacle.

At PowerPivotPro, we completely understand that, and in fact, we LOVE it.  Few things make us happier than helping someone quickly break through a wall and hearing the “this changes everything!” excitement in their voice.  As explained on the About Us page, we want to EMPOWER you, NOT make you dependent on us.  So if we work together briefly and you never need us again, great!


After you contact us (via the form below or other means), we will reach out to you and coordinate a time.  We can often schedule a session for the very next business day if that works for you, and same-day assistance is sometimes available as well.

We then send you an invitation and a link for a web-based screensharing session.  The software we use for this purpose is very simple to download and use, and it allows us to see your screen.  With your permission, we can even “drive” your screen with our mouse and keyboard, which comes in handy for writing a formula or showing you a trick.

We also always explain the “what why and how” of the help we provide, so that you LEARN in the process.  (That theme of empowerment again – we are quite serious about it).

If you need help, we’re ready and excited to provide it.