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Hi folks, we’re glad to have you in our family of guest authors at Below you would find tips and guidelines so that your posting experience is easy, effective, and consistent with the rest of the blog.

Choose a route to post as Guest Author

a) Email a Word Document b) Guest Account
UPDATE: Easier for you. But makes it harder on us. Sorry, this is no longer an option. Bit Harder, need to use Windows Live Writer.
It’s fairly “Word like” so usually not a big issue
Still need to follow guidelines below
(e.g. Basic Protocol, Catch the readers attention, Workflow…)
Do need to follow guidelines below when authoring in Windows Live Writer. Don’t fret too much, I will review it and catch anything that needs to be fixed.
Please keep styling in Word Document as SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE. Since most of it is lost when I would convert it to blog. If you want to retain fancy formatting, consider option b) Your own personal BLOG URL!
My favorite advantage of this route (I was once a Guest Blogger too). You get your own URL you can use to promote yourself – on LinkedIn, Personal Blog, Facebook etc.
e.g. mine is
Especially useful if you end up writing multiple posts (which we hope you do)

Guest Post Coordinator: avi At a place called PowerPivotPro.  Dot com.

Basic Protocol
Example Topics
Catch the readers attention
Detailed Writing Tips
Image Tips

Additional Tips

Basic Protocol

  • Post needs to be unique and new. Should not be duplicated on another blog or website (See Rights below)
  • Do not use any copyrighted images/material in your post
  • Never Publish posts, just “Post draft to blog” (See Workflow below)
  • Fill out the Bio section in your Profile and that would be prominently featured at the bottom of each blog post
  • e.g. image
    (OLD, NO LONGER RECOMMENDED, this can now be part of your Bio: You can link to your LinkedIn profile, business website, etc. as a fair trade
    e.g. Guest Post by
    Avichal Singh ) 

    Example Topics:

    You probably already have a topic in mind. If not, here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing:-

    1. A PowerPivot or related Excel technique
    2. Your own personal PowerPivot journey – your story of discovering/learning/applying PowerPivot etc. (like this or this)
    3. A case study
    4. A rant or manifesto (like this or this)
    5. Something else that is interesting and relevant


    Catch the readers attention (How readers scan the post)

    When people read the blog, I’ve learned that they only “see” the following:

  • Pictures (and their captions)
  • Section headers
  • Maybe they see bolded paragraph text – but only if you use it sparingly enough.Beyond that, IF those three things catch their attention, THEN they read deeper and digest your plain text.  But plain text alone – there is nothing to “hook” them in.  So your wonderful take on the issue will get missed.


    Initial Setup

    1. I will create you an account on
      You will receive details in an email (see sample email here)
    2. You install Windows Live Writer (from here) or Open Live Writer
    3. Use your username and password from step 1 to connect Writer to
      When you first connect Writer to the blog, say “NO” when it prompts you to create a temporary blog post to for detecting the blog theme
      Note: If you get an error detecting the blog theme, please contact Guest Post Coordinator, email listed at top of this page

    Guest Post Workflow

    1. We’ve switched to a Tuesday Only schedule for “content” blogpost (may send promotional posts on other days). Select an open Tuesday from the schedule calendar and send the Guest Post Coordinator an email to reserve that for yourself. Contact the coordinator if you’re having trouble finding dates or need your post to go out earlier/on a specific date etc.
    2. Write your post in Live Writer – it’s basically like using Word, which is nice
      Prefix your post title with <DRAFT>
    3. One week prior to the targeted Post Publish Date (see example screenshot below) submit your Draft for review:-
      1. Change the title prefix to <REVIEW> and click “Post draft to blog”
        You will never Publish posts, just “Post draft to blog
      2. Also send the Guest Post Coordinator a note via email
    4. I’ll reply back with edits (if any), you re-post as Draft, etc.
      Once approved, I would remove the prefix (<REVIEW> or <DRAFT>) from the title
    5. I will flip the post to live on the targeted publish date
      If you cannot submit the draft in time (one week prior) let us know immediately so we can plan accordingly.

    Example: Blog post schedule and draft submission deadline



    Detailed Writing Tips


    (Note: Updated since the launch of new website)

  • Use the Heading 1 style for subsection titles
  • Always include a link to your website or LinkedIn profile at the top of the post
  • Do not “Split Post”, the new theme does that automatically
  • If a post is running long, feel free to suggest to me that we split it over two days.
  • Hyperlinks no longer need to be bolded (this was an earlier requirement)
  • Formulas should be in Courier New font, 12 point (I may add a Formula style soon for convenience)

    Image Tips


  • Make sure they are large enough that the reader can view them without having to click for a larger version
  • Max image width is 640 pixels
  • Don’t use the Shadow effect on images.  Just use the thin black outline.
  • Don’t steal images from other websites and re-use them in your post – images need to be original
  • Important – set the Alt Text on images so that your post is easier to find via Google Image Search



  • Guest posts should not be duplicated on another website – they must be unique and remain so forever (otherwise one or both websites will be viewed as plagiarism by search engines)
  • You may post as a stub on another site (say your personal or commercial site) with a link to “Continue Reading at PowerPivotPro…”
    See example
  • Guest posts become the property of PowerPivotPro, but PowerPivotPro will never claim authorship of the post and will never remove your attribution links – you will always receive proper credit and attribution for your content


    Screenshots that explain some of the above in clearer form:

    Use Post draft to blog, NOT Publish

    Use the prefix in title while you are working on it…

    Once finished change the prefix to and Post draft to blog…

    Use Heading 1 and never Heading 1 or 2.  (The font may look strange in this screenshot but ignore that).image

    Do not use Insert > Split post. This is handled automatically with the new site.
    (This used to create the “Click here to read more…” link that appears on the homepage.  It looked like a thin horizontal line in Writer though. No longer needed)

    Set Alt Text.  Set both fields to the same text, and try to use the word “PowerPivot” or other relevant terms to help Google/Bing Image Search find your post.

    I typically use either No Border or the 1 Pixel Border image styles, highlighted above.  Never the fancier styles.  (Yes I use shadow effects here but not in posts.)




    Additional Tips

    Here are a few additional tips based on feedback from guest authors.

    1) In Live Writer, when you want to open a post that’s currently already posted on the site, you can use Ctrl-O on the keyboard to give you this:


                                                                        Ctrl-O Brings Up This “Open” Dialog

    2) Sometimes you want to “blur out” portions of a report in order to hide sensitive info.  Paint.NET is 100% free and offers a million great picture-editing features, including the ability to “pixelate” a portion of an image:




    Get Paint.NET here:

    3) WinSnap is the tool I use to take screenshots, and is also how I add the orange arrows and circles.  WinSnap is NOT free, so you are under no obligation to use it, but in case you’ve been wondering, that’s what I use.

    WinSnap is available here:

    4) Upload/Add Files (like an example .xlsx Workbook):

  • Go to
  • Click Add New
    (Careful! Do not alter any of the existing files in any way, you may affect existing blog posts/pages)
  • Drag and drop or select files to upload
  • Once upload is complete, click ‘Edit’ next to the file
  • Copy the URL from the ‘File URL’ box in the ‘Save’ section and use the link in your blog post

5) Setting Featured Image

Go to  then follow steps in image (click to enlarge)