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Learn Power Query at Your Own Pace!

This self-paced course is designed to build your Power Query skills! Learn how to Extract, Load and Transform your data using Power Query in Excel versions 2010, 2013, 2016 and PBI.

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Introduction: Power Query

Keyword Video Location
You are a (Data) Wizard! (00:15) 0:55
The Information Worker Chronicles (00:45) 1:10
Excel Hell (00:44) 1:55
A global Problem (00:23) 2:39
A lot of work takes place (A LOT!) (01:23) 3:02
What is Power Query and Why (02:25) 4:25
The ETL tool for Excel (00:38) 6:50
The Full Picture (Power BI for Excel) (01:51) 7:28

110: Connecting to Excel Data

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (00:22)0:24
Data from an Excel Table (04:29)0:46
Data from ad-hoc ranges (03:04)5:15
Data from a Named range (06:59)8:19

121: Append Data from Flat Files

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (03:10)0:25
Demo in Excel 2016 (01:41)3:35
Change Type With Locale (02:29)5:16
Replace Values... (04:20)7:45
Combine Queries > Append (04:10)12:05
Home > Append Queries Button (01:13)16:15

122: Append Data from Folder

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (01:25)0:10
Importing a folder of TXT file (04:19)1:35
Demo in Power BI Desktop (01:37)5:54
How the Sample Transform Works (00:19)7:31
Transform to lowercase (00:17)7:50
Filter Rows - Manual Text Filter (00:38)8:07
Reference (Best Practice) (00:37)8:45
Enable load (00:45)9:22
Double Down button (01:15)10:07
Transform Sample File from Data (00:59)11:22
Using Locale (02:19)12:21
Use Gear to Insert Step (01:44)14:40
Refresh (to include Sub-Folder data) (00:46)16:24
Refresh Preview Button (00:20)17:10
How the Sample Transform Works (01:20)17:30
Demo in Excel (01:10)18:50
Source{0}[Content] Fix (01:57)20:00

123: Append Excel Data In Current Workbook

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (00:58)0:45
Excel.CurrentWorkbook() (00:27)1:43
Demo in Excel 2013 (01:12)2:10
From Other Sources > Blank Query (00:43)3:22
Formula Bar Checkbox (00:10)4:05
Excel.CurrentWorkbook() (00:34)4:15
Preview Table Data (00:26)4:49
Expand Table Content (01:27)5:15
Troubleshooting Example when using Excel.CurrentWorkbook() (01:35)6:42
Proper Date Tip: Replace "_" with " 1 " (01:03)8:17
Remove Errors (00:53)9:20
Transform > Date > End Of Month (02:05)10:13

124: Append Excel Data From Other Workbooks

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (01:26)0:07
Demo In Excel 2016 (00:47)1:33
Filter Rows Begin With (00:35)2:20
Double Down Button (02:15)2:55
Tip: Filter To Table Only (02:05)5:10
Classic Method (02:32)7:15

130: Workflow in Power Query

Keyword Video Location
Example Files (00:04)0:06
Applied Steps Section (01:22)0:10
Power Query Workflow (03:21)1:32
The Step Setting Icon (01:19)4:53
Demo In Excel - Refresh Error (00:48)6:12
DataSource.Error (00:45)7:00
Go To Error (01:25)7:45

141: Web Data

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (00:25)0:11
Getting data from the Web (01:04)0:36
Example Web Site (00:30)1:40
Demo In Excel 2013: Power Query > From Web (00:26)2:10
Table Text (01:06)2:36
Power Query looks for table id tags (01:49)3:42
Text File From Web URL (02:02)5:31

142: Importing Data from Exchange

Keyword Video Location
Connecting to Microsoft Exchange (01:55)1:26
Potential Use Cases (01:56)3:21
Demo In Excel 2016 (02:15)5:17
What's Useful To Me (01:50)7:32
Copy From Preview Pane (01:54)9:22
Analyze Findings With Pivot Chart (02:02)11:16
Best Practice (03:58)13:18

143: Databases

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files - SQL Server Connection (00:24)0:10
Connecting to Databases (01:03)0:34
Connecting to a SQL Azure Database (00:38)1:37
Example in Excel 2013 (03:36)2:15
Expand to add Relationship Columns (00:44)5:51
Relationship Value or Table (03:05)6:35
Advanced Options - Disable Relationships (02:24)9:40
Connecting to a SQL Server (01:03)12:04
Query Folding, Query Optimization & Privacy (02:00)13:07
Demo In Excel Data Source Settings (03:18)15:07

144: Data From SharePoint

Keyword Video Location
SharePoint Data (01:29)0:34
Demo in Power BI Desktop (02:21)2:03
Organizational account (02:25)4:24
Connect to a SharePoint Folder (02:03)6:49
Tip: SharePoint.Content () (01:50)8:52
Double Down Button (02:15)10:42
Transform > Fill Down (00:28)12:57
Unpivot Other Columns (00:46)13:25
Merge Queries (01:45) 14:11
Power BI Visuals (01:43)15:56
Conclusions (01:03)17:39

210: Loading Data

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (00:04)0:20
Load Destinations (01:46)0:24
Load To Power Pivot (01:43)2:10
Changing the default behavior (02:31)3:53
Demo In Excel 2016 (01:10)6:24
Load To Connection Only (00:41)7:34
Append (00:39)8:15
Load To Table (00:11)8:54
Load To Data Model (00:57)9:05
Change Load To behavior (00:52)10:02
Change to Data Model Structure (01:58)10:54

220: Load Issues

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (00:05)0:14
The importance of defining data types (02:54)0:19
Demo in Excel 2013 (02:13)3:13
Troubleshooting dates formatted as numbers (00:48)5:26
Add To Data Model changes Any data type (02:17)6:14
Best Practice: Define data types in last query (03:50)8:31

310: Transforming a non-delimited text file

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (00:27)0:26
Importing and cleaning non-delimited files (03:20)0:53
Sample Raw Source Data (01:07)4:13
Demo in Power BI Desktop (01:10)5:20
Remove Rows (00:24)6:30
Transform > Trim (00:35)6:54
Split Column > by Number of Characters (01:24)7:29
Use First Rows As Headers (01:07)8:53
Dealing With Errors (00:35)10:00
Home > Remove Errors (00:21)10:35
Deciding a Best Approach (01:54)10:56
Pro Tip: Filter Columns (00:34)12:50
Merge Columns (00:53)13:24
Split Column > by Delimiter (02:22)14:17
Add Column > Date > Year (01:18)16:39
Gear Icon - Change Source Files (01:28)17:57

320: Grouping & Sorting

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (00:06)0:07
Summarizing or Grouping Data (01:49)0:13
The Example (01:05)2:02
Demo In Excel 2016 (00:46)3:07
Replace Current Step Message (02:07)3:53
Home > Group By Button (01:29)6:00
Sort (01:41)7:29
Merge Columns (01:13)9:10
Adding Conditional Formatting (00:44)10:23
Concepts of Summarizing data (01:31)11:07
Basics of Sorting in Power Query (01:12)12:38

331: Merging Tabular Data - Basics

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (00:09)0:24
Merging Tables and Queries (01:14)0:33
Demo in Excel 2013 (02:08)1:47
Merge Table (02:10)3:55
Expand Table Data (00:57)6:05
Merge Table on Different Column (00:49)7:02
Troubleshooting Incorrect Merge (03:21)7:51

332: Merging Tabular Data - Join Types

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (00:09)0:31
Join Types (00:38)0:40
Demo in Excel 2016 (02:04)1:18
Merge with a Two Column Join (00:42)3:22
Left Outer Join (02:09)4:04
Right Outer Join (01:23)6:13
Full Outer Join (01:34)7:36
Inner Join (01:44)9:10
Left Anti Join (01:09)10:54
Right Anti Join (01:57)12:03

351: Unpivot

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (00:04)0:29
Un-Pivoting pivoted data sets (01:13)0:33
Demo In Excel 2016 (01:09)1:46
Filter Out Rows & Columns Not Needed (00:31)2:55
Right Click > Unpivot Other Columns (01:03)3:26
Insert PivotTable (01:11)4:29
Refresh with End User updates (00:39)5:40
Tip: Refresh Data & Pivot Table (00:54)6:19
It Works - Review of Query Steps after updates (01:07)7:13

352: Unpivoting Stacked Tables

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (00:09)0:16
Un-pivoting stacked tables (01:52)0:25
Demo in Power BI Desktop (01:24)2:17
What is the Pattern of the Data (00:44)3:41
Add Column > Add Index Column (00:35)4:25
Add Column > Standard > Modulo (01:04)5:00
Transform > Pivot Column (01:00)6:04
Remove Columns Not Needed (00:26)7:04
Rename Columns (00:38)7:30
Fill Up (00:33)8:08
Remove NULL values (00:19)8:41
QA the Results (01:14)9:00

353: Unpivoting SubcategorizedTables

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files (00:12)0:15
Transposing Data (01:35)0:27
Un-pivoting Subcategorized Tables (01:43)2:02
Demo In Power BI Desktop (00:35)3:45
Effects of Center Across Selection or Merge Cells (01:13)4:20
Transform > Transpose (00:09)5:33
Transform > Fill Down (00:14)5:42
Tip: Merge Columns with Custom Separator Pipe Character (00:56)5:56
Transform > Transpose (back) (00:16)6:52
Use First Row As Headers (01:07)7:08
Finding the Angle with Filter (00:26)8:15
Right Click Unpivot Other Columns (00:24)8:41
Split Column by Delimiter (00:56)9:05
Add Column > Custom Column Text Date (00:22)10:01
Change Type > Date (01:53)10:23

410: Power Query Formulas - Basics

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files0:27
Power Query formulas0:40
Discovering Power Query formulas2:20
Direct Link to MSDN (formula resource)3:15
Power Query formula "Gotchas"3:40
Useful Type Conversion Formulas5:54
LEFT error7:50
Using MSDN library to find formulas8:50
Example: Text.Start10:00
Example: Text.PositionOf10:25
Example: Text.PositionOf "base 1"11:30
Example: Merge Text with &12:25
Example: Math error13:05
Example: Number.From14:05

420: Power Query Formulas - Date Functions

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files0:21
Date Function Equivalents - Returning text0:35
Date Function Equivalents - Returning values2:29
Date Function Equivalents - Adding periods4:09
Tip: Use Date.From to convert to a date6:45
Examples: Month, Days In Month7:25
Example: Date.ToText([Dates],"MMM")8:50
Date.ToText([Dates],"MMM dd, yyyy")10:00
Date.ToText([Dates], "MMM dd, yyyy (ddd)")11:15

430: Formulas - Conditional Logic

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files0:15
IF tests using Conditional Columns0:25
Example In Excel2:00
Add Column > Conditional Column3:30
Fill Down5:10
Manual IF test using Power Query5:55
try (error tests)7:55
Example In Excel - Overtime Hours9:20
Adding the if error statement12:00

440: Custom Functions

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files0:22
The Magic of Custom Functions0:52
Converting a Query Into a Function2:12
Syntax ()=>2:30
Debugging Custom Functions5:00
Example In Excel6:45
View > Advanced Editor7:29
Overview of M code syntax7:40
Convert M code to a function9:20
Comment line using //10:42
Example: How to apply the function13:30
Pro Tip: Protecting files from folder results13:39
Pro Tip: Use CTRL to multi-select columns and control order15:00
Invoke Function using Custom Column15:35
Pro Tip: Change Type in last 17:00

510: Dynamic Calendar - Base

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files0:40
Why Use Dynamic Calendar Tables0:57
Creating a base calendar for Excel solutions3:16
Example In Excel5:13
Use fx to Add Step6:40
List from Start Date to End Date8:00
Convert List To Table8:45
Creating a base calendar for Power BI Desktop based solutions10:05
Example In Power BI Desktop12:00

511: Dynamic Calendar Table - Standard

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files0:20
Getting started0:30
Example In Excel1:15
Date.ToText([DateKey], "MMM")2:46
Date.ToText([DateKey], "ddd")3:25
Non-standard year ends4:05
Example In Excel8:10

512: 445 Calendar Table - Part 1 - Period ID Columns

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files1:25
Getting started1:35
MonthID and WeekID3:25
Example In Excel4:50
Add Column > Add Index Column5:55
Add Custom Column WeekID8:00
Pro Tip: Applied Steps > Rename Steps9:30
Calculating fiscal year10:00
Example In Excel - Fiscal Year12:02

513: 445 Calendar Table - Part 2 - x of y Columns

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files0:03
X of Year columns0:15
Example In Excel1:43
Standard > Modulo Day Of Year1:50
Standard > Modulo Month Of Year2:45
Standard > Modulo Week Of Year3:15
Quarter Of Year3:37
X of Quarter columns4:55
Example In Excel5:40
X of Month columns7:35
Example In Excel9:17
X of Week columns11:11

514: 445 Calendar Table - Part 3 - Days in Start End of x

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files0:03
Days in x columns0:15
Example In Excel1:17
Days In Month using if2:15
Start/End dates3:09
Example In Excel5:09
Start Of Month formula7:00
Start Of Quarter formula7:35
Start Of Year formula8:00
End Of Month formula9:23
End Of Quarter formula9:45
End Of Year formula10:15

515: 445 Calendar Table - Part 4 - Variants

Keyword Video Location
Getting started0:25
PeriodID columns0:45
Fiscal Year column1:30
X of Year columns2:02
X of Quarter columns2:17
X of Month columns2:30
X of Week columns3:03
Days in x columns3:17
Start/End date columns3:42

550: Data Samples

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files0:23
The Business Problem: Actual & Forecast0:30
The Challenge: Many forecast tables1:41
Transformation steps to transform the forecast table4:20
Duplicate to use as a function5:45
Apply the function6:40
Data model in Power Pivot8:20
Created relationships9:03
DAX measures9:32
DAX measure: Forecast10:00
DAX measure: Forecast (To End Of Year) measure10:20
DAX measure: measure10:50
Key takeaways12:09

560: Dealing with Over-Denormalized Tables

Keyword Video Location
Chapter Files0:24
Traditional PT vs PT with Power Query0:36
Normalization: Remove Redundancy1:30
Normalization Defined2:20
How a Traditional Pivot Table source looks like3:32
Denormalization: Add Redundancy4:10
Example In Excel 2016 - Overview of data5:46
Using Power Query to Denormalize the data7:25
Reference Initial Query to create new Query8:59
Pro Tip: Create Query Groups9:16
Collapse Pane10:02
Pro Tip: Use Integers for Relationships10:20
Pro Tip: Home > Choose Columns button to select columns11:05
Remove Duplicates11:36
Excel 2016 - Close and Load To12:35
Manage Data Model window14:10
Create the Many To One Relationship in Diagram View14:28
Create a Pivot Table14:50