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MiniPost 2 of 2: Changing Slicer Fonts With Macros

In Tuesday’s post, I showed how WingDings and other symbolic fonts can be used on slicers for an interesting effect.

But there was a lot of manual work involved with changing slicer style settings in order to accomplish that – eight repetitive steps.

I’m back today to share a macro that makes that process much more painless.

I’d Like to Thank the Academy…  of Macro Recording

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it forever – the ability to record macros in Excel is the single greatest reference on how to write macros of your own.  And I leaned heavily on that recording feature to write what I’m sharing here.

So even if you’re not a macro person, I recommend trying out macro recording.  There’s some “how to” info at the end of a post from March.

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