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Conditional Formatting via Slicers, Part Two

Using PowerPivot Measures and Slicers to Control Conditional Formatting on the Pivot!

Each Number Refedit in the Edit Rule Dialog Points to a Different Cell on the Sheet

Correcting for that bug

In the last post on this topic, I discovered what I think is a bug in Excel 2010 conditional formatting, one that prevented me from using the Percentile threshold type with a cell reference. 

But the Number type works great, so if I can get the actual [Profit] value for, say, the 80th percentile Model Name into a cell, I can reference that.

And that’s precisely what those three cells in the image above contain:


Cell F2 Contains a Cube Formula that Returns the Measure [Profit Required for Green CF]

OK, so how do I calculate that [Profit Required for Green CF] measure?

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Conditional Formatting Controlled via Slicers!

Yes folks, we’ve seen all manner of parameterization by slicer.  We’ve even seen sort by slicer.  But now it’s time for me to track down a hunch I’ve had for awhile now:  we can also control conditional formatting via slicers!

At the 65th Percentile, Model Name Profits are Being Shaded Green


Getting Stricter:  Use the Slicer to Set the “Green Threshold” to 95th Percentile

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