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PowerPivotPro School: Pricing and Other Info


Some updates to Tuesday’s announcement Smile

1) Brochure Available

Chandoo put together one of his signature brochures – download it here.

Among other things the brochure contains a high-level agenda/syllabus for my class.  There’s a lot more detail than what would fit in the agenda infographic however, so here’s a glimpse at my behind-the-scenes list of topics:


Syllabus Doesn’t Fit on Screen Even When Zoomed to 60% & Ribbon/Formula Bar HiddenSmile

I’m still fine tuning some aspects of that so I won’t release it in full just yet – I am sharing that screenshot just to give you an idea of the depth.  Probably next week for the full version.

2) Pricing and Discount Bundles

There are three separate and related courses available:

  1. Power Pivot – taught by the great Chandoo, who I have now seen in action with my own eyes in Columbus.  A great primer on the UI all the way up through early adventures in formulas, and includes a guest module taught by me and another by the great Ken Puls.
  2. Advanced Power Pivot – taught by me.  Think of this as Power Pivot Level Two and a cohesive collection of the material in the book plus four years of individual techniques and tricks.
  3. Excel School – build your Power Pivot skills on a solid Excel foundation.  Everything from formulas to Charts to Formatting to Pivots.  Perhaps most importantly, it also includes a VERY robust instruction in the art of designing useful and attractive dashboards – something I’ve noticed most Excel folks need help at 🙂
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PowerPivotPro School: Affordable Video Training Makes You Awesome at PowerPivot


“There are two kinds of people in this world, my friend:
Those who learn by reading, and those who learn by seeing.”

My personal mission in life is to help Excel Pros to enjoy more meaningful and rewarding careers – both for themselves and for the organizations that employ them.  That may sound cheesy but it’s the absolute truth.  I even left my CTO job at my last company so that I could pursue this full time, without distraction.

There are many components to that mission, but it all starts with education. It is the foundation for everything that follows.

Accordingly, I spend at least half of my time on teaching – via this site, the book, and onsite training in particular.  I’m also co-authoring a second book with MrExcel – PowerPivot Alchemy.

But I’ve learned that not everyone can pick up a book to learn new things.  Many people (myself included, actually) have to be shown things instead.

So what about the “Show Me” People?

Are you more of a “show me” person than a “read a book” person?  If so, until now, the only thing I’ve been able to offer you is onsite or remote training.  Those are both great, but I can only train one group at a time, and the price is too high for some organizations.

I’ve long wanted to provide a visual, dynamic class, with hands-on “follow along” materials, that can reach a much broader audience.  And now that is finally happening.

PowerPivot Course, Taught by Yours Truly, Delivered at!

I’m thrilled to announce that my PowerPivot video course launches August 1st!

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The Ideal PowerPivot Professional: How to Hire, Grow, or Become One


…But Don’t Expect Us to Wear Suits OK?

Got a great question in email yesterday from a potential training/consulting client.  Paraphrasing:

“…what’s the best way for our company to get the required PowerPivot/Financial analysis skills? Should we be hiring for them, developing them in-house or outsourcing them to other organizations?”

As I was replying to the email I realized this was a good topic to discuss publicly.  How should your organization find the right PowerPivot people?

The answer to this question, of course, is also quite relevant to the budding PowerPivot professional – the “Supply side” of the equation if you will – and therefore the majority of people reading this.  But I am going to approach the question from the employer side – the Demand side – because I think that’s the best way to answer the question for both parties.

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Book Update: On the Launch Pad!

PowerPivot DAX Book for Excel People

Check Out the Cover!  Note the Optical Test Strips Along the Edges.

The Endgame was Long, But Low Intensity

I was “done” with the book about a month ago.  Everything since then has mostly been waiting.  Waiting for the next layout draft for instance – something that takes a skilled pro many hours to produce, but only takes me thirty minutes to review.  But it comes in on a Saturday morning when I have a full day of kids’ soccer and home improvement and Gator football to attend to.  So I get to it Saturday night, the layout person isn’t available again until Monday, etc.

Communication:  not just the dark matter of BI projects.  It’s the dark matter of book writing too Smile

But the important thing now is this:  EVERYTHING is in the hands of the printer.  And when they fire up the presses, it only takes 48 HOURS to crank out the entire first print run.  That might even happen next week!  I am SO stoked.

Planned for 150 Pages, Became 238+

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I’ve spent a lot of time the last two days recording Power Pivot videos – some for this site, and some for a special project.  Today when I uploaded them to YouTube, well, I discovered I’d used too fine a…

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