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Webinar Recording and Online Class Aug 3-4

By Avi Singh [Twitter]

Friends, it was a joy again to host our free webinar Excel to Power BI. As usual, we spent close to two hours with a lengthy Q&A session after the presentation. You can find the the recording at the end of this post.

Remember, the Power Pivot Data Model is the engine that powers all the pretty visualizations that you see in all Power BI Demos. With a poor data model all you get is poor results; garbage in => garbage out. So join us for our next online class on Aug 3-4 and jumpstart your journey to Power Pivot/Power BI awesomeness!

Power Pivot is the center of the Power BI universe

Enjoy the webinar recording using links below.

Excel to Power BI: Webinar Recording

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Power BI Jun 2nd Webinar Recording Available


By Avi Singh [Twitter]

Thanks to all, who attended our Power BI Webinar on Jun 2nd. We had 400+ (well, 438 to be precise) attend, what ended up being a 2 hour webinar with all the questions being asked.

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Webinar Infographic

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Webinar Recording: Build BI Solutions Using Power BI

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