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Book Update: On the Launch Pad!

PowerPivot DAX Book for Excel People

Check Out the Cover!  Note the Optical Test Strips Along the Edges.

The Endgame was Long, But Low Intensity

I was “done” with the book about a month ago.  Everything since then has mostly been waiting.  Waiting for the next layout draft for instance – something that takes a skilled pro many hours to produce, but only takes me thirty minutes to review.  But it comes in on a Saturday morning when I have a full day of kids’ soccer and home improvement and Gator football to attend to.  So I get to it Saturday night, the layout person isn’t available again until Monday, etc.

Communication:  not just the dark matter of BI projects.  It’s the dark matter of book writing too Smile

But the important thing now is this:  EVERYTHING is in the hands of the printer.  And when they fire up the presses, it only takes 48 HOURS to crank out the entire first print run.  That might even happen next week!  I am SO stoked.

Planned for 150 Pages, Became 238+

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