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PowerPivotPro School: Affordable Video Training Makes You Awesome at PowerPivot


“There are two kinds of people in this world, my friend:
Those who learn by reading, and those who learn by seeing.”

My personal mission in life is to help Excel Pros to enjoy more meaningful and rewarding careers – both for themselves and for the organizations that employ them.  That may sound cheesy but it’s the absolute truth.  I even left my CTO job at my last company so that I could pursue this full time, without distraction.

There are many components to that mission, but it all starts with education. It is the foundation for everything that follows.

Accordingly, I spend at least half of my time on teaching – via this site, the book, and onsite training in particular.  I’m also co-authoring a second book with MrExcel – PowerPivot Alchemy.

But I’ve learned that not everyone can pick up a book to learn new things.  Many people (myself included, actually) have to be shown things instead.

So what about the “Show Me” People?

Are you more of a “show me” person than a “read a book” person?  If so, until now, the only thing I’ve been able to offer you is onsite or remote training.  Those are both great, but I can only train one group at a time, and the price is too high for some organizations.

I’ve long wanted to provide a visual, dynamic class, with hands-on “follow along” materials, that can reach a much broader audience.  And now that is finally happening.

PowerPivot Course, Taught by Yours Truly, Delivered at!

I’m thrilled to announce that my PowerPivot video course launches August 1st!

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First print Run Almost Sold Out :)


There Are More than 18 Copies Left at the Warehouse.  But Not THAT Many More Smile

When I was down at MrExcel HQ With Chandoo this weekend, Bill and I decided to check how many copies of the book were left in inventory at the distributor.

We printed 3,000 copies back in November.  The distributor only had about 350 left at the warehouse as of Friday.

Neither of us expected the inventory to be that low.  You see, book sales data isn’t exactly a timely business – Bill and I just got paid in April for the books that sold in November.  And while Nielsen does provide a window into how many books sold this past week, they only capture part of the market.  The proportion out there “in the shadows” is unknown, and it’s significant.

So much like what we see in the night sky is light that left distant stars many years ago, our only reliable sales data lags reality by 4-5 months.

Good News Bad News

Hey good news – the book has been selling even better than we knew!  Bill tells me that most books never sell their entire first print run, so to be running out so quickly is a very good sign.

Hey bad news – we gotta scramble to print a second run before the supply runs out Smile

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