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Renaissance Men and Women for the New Era of Data

Yes folks, we’re exiting the Dark Ages of Data; escaping the twin traps of high-friction traditional spreadsheets and high-inertia traditional BI. At PowerPivotPro, our mission is to blaze that path – to demonstrate to the world, without a doubt, that a new kind of consulting firm is required for this new era.

Our clients LOVE the results we deliver for them, the way we transform their data culture in short order, and the ridiculous ROI we deliver. So much so, in fact, that we are now basically ALWAYS needing new people. And not just ANY new people! The flesh and blood human beings who possess the “impossible” mix of strong communication skills and the “hard” skills like DAX. The people who get it, and don’t understand why the rest of the world doesn’t. The multi-dimensional people who are unsatisfied with the flat and narrow world that’s been forced upon them. The people who want to be part of the Better Way, and to bring outlandishly-satisfying ROI to the rest of the world.

You’re reading this, and you’re nodding. We know you. We ARE you. Time for you to come home.

Current job openings at PowerPivotPro: