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“Dangerously good.”
-Mark Polino
“I have the two other best-selling PowerPivot books, but this is by FAR the best.”
“it’s been a while since I’ve read a book so entertaining and effective at teaching a valuable skill.”
-Paul Turley
“I am buying this book for every member of my team.”
-Dan English
“I am now making some amazing stuff that eluded me before.”
-Ken Puls
“writing style is very addictive… it’s a real page-turner.”
-Siraj Samsudeen
“Rob has a gift for explaining things in a way that makes it easy to understand.”
-Shawn Frizzell
“this is THE book if you are just getting started, or want to make sure you understand the ‘why’s’ behind how stuff works.”


“Human… this is how technical books should be written.”

-Tom LaRock

“I will be recommending this throughout my company”-MD


“The style of the book is very visual and easy going, there are no dry explanations of database concepts or theory, it’s all about real examples of everyday data analysis problems and how to solve them using DAX. Also included are the little tricks and tips… which you are unlikely to see in any of the more theoretical books.”

-Jacob Barnett, Commercial Analyst (Australia)

The First PowerPivot Formulas Book
Written Specifically for Excel Users

PowerPivot’s formula language (DAX) was created by Microsoft to turbocharge Excel’s existing capabilities. It puts truly revolutionary power in the hands of YOU, the “spreadsheet heroes” of the world.

DAX Formulas for PowerPivot is the Excel user’s ideal roadmap for harnessing PowerPivot’s career-changing capabilities, utilizing the style developed and refined during Rob Collie’s 3+ years of training fellow Excel users on PowerPivot:

  1. Example-Driven: each concept, function, and technique is accompanied by a tangible example. Everything is both explained AND demonstrated.
  2. Visual – the book features more than 300 illustrations, diagrams, and screenshots. You SEE everything.
  3. Jargon-Free – no prior experience required with programming or business intelligence technologies. If you’ve created a PivotTable before, you are ready.

“Despite being a fairly accomplished Excel pro, I have been unable to wrap my arms around DAX. But that is over. Four days of working through this book with my own data and I am now making some damn cool stuff that eluded me before.”

-Ken Puls, Founder of ExcelGuru and Microsoft-Recognized Excel MVP (Canada)

#1 Best Seller in’s Software Category


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PowerPivot Book for the Excel User by Rob Collie, PowerPivotPro
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“…the book is really invaluable and the price is a steal. The length was exactly what I like, short and to the point… The disconnected table concepts as well as performance tips are PRICELESS. I would highly recommend this book and without a doubt give it a five star rating… I am buying this book for every member of my team.”

-Dan English, Business Intelligence Consultant (USA)


eBook – iPad, Kindle, etc.

PowerPivot eBook Formats for Kindle, iPad, etc.

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“I must say that your writing style is very addictive (I was hooked on to the book and as Dan English mentioned in his blog, it is a real page-turner). I am not an easy-person-to-please. But your book has really impressed me both by its writing style and by the contents… insights on using PowerPivot delivered in a fast manner.”

Sirajudeen Samsudeen, Independent Contractor (Switzerland)

Sample Contents


This diagram from an early chapter of the book illustrates Rob’s
“Learn incrementally and at your own pace” philosophy

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A Few Sample Pages – Click Each for Larger Version