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Power Query for Excel: Combine multiple files of different file types

Guest Post by Miguel Escobar Twitter | Youtube | [link removed due to 404] Blog | Website

Power Query Magic: The Ultimate and easiest way to consolidate multiple tables, sheets, text and/or csv files

Power Query Magic:  The Ultimate and easiest way to consolidate multiple tables, sheets, text and/or csv files
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At some point in the life of an Excel user, we have all faced a similar dillemma. How can I combine multiple sheets, tables, csv or txt files? (can I combine them all together??)

How we used to solve this scenario

Back in the day (before Power Query) we actually had some ways to do so but they were not so user-friendly and they relied heavily on coding or some tedious way of doing it. The most common ways were:

  1. Using SQL Statements to join multiple files
  2. Creating a VBA code that will do the job for me
  3. Going with the tedious way of combining the files manually (perhaps with Excel or Access)

But now we have an easier and optimized way of doing this..let’s find out how

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Who are you? Seriously WHO are YOU?–Defining the role of the PowerPivot Professional


(Keeping with the tone of this blog, I’m using movie references here; on the left we got a hybrid and on the right we got a hybrid that was “infected” by a virus…the “P” virus)

(Guest post by Miguel Escobar)

YOU, my PowerPivot fellow, are the result of over 20 years of research for a better human genome.

YOU are also a hybrid.

and most importantly, YOU…are the future of business!

Big words, but let me elaborate! Sonrisa

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Guest Post: GeoFlow using Panama’s Census Data

imageIntro from Rob

Very busy week for me.  Fortunately Miguel is at the ready with another guest post.

It occurs to me that we’ve now had guest posts from the US, the UK, Holland, Canada, and Panama.  That’s pretty cool. 

Miguel told me that I was going to LOVE the first picture in this post.  And I do.  But I must say that, once I saw the title, I expected something along the lines of the picture at the right.  The picture below is better.

OK, over to Miguel…


Figure shows the population distribution for Panama in 2010
Made Entirely in Excel!

If you read my latest guest post at Powerpivotpro’s blog, you’ll know that I’m working on a personal project trying to get a more visual aproach of the latest census Data for the country of Panama (where I’m from and I currently live in).

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What Self-Service BI means to our world (with Excel)


Guest Post From Miguel Escobar!

Today we’re blessed with another guest post from Miguel Escobar.  I love the style of this one, and the movie industry tie ins of course.  I also really like that Miguel “detected” the similarity between Hans Rosling’s TED talk and the Power View demos that first emerged in 2011 – the first time I saw Power View, my immediate thought was “Amir is riffing on Hans Rosling” and I wondered how many other people were thinking the same thing.

But above all I love to hear people’s stories.  How they came to “get involved” in this stuff.  I would say Miguel falls somewhere on the more advanced end of the spectrum – even using the term “Self-Service BI” kinda gives that away – but the fact is that the worlds of BI and Excel are indeed converging.  So let’s hear Miguel’s story shall we?


What has been the impact of Self-Service BI in our modern world?

Its self-service BI a good thing? heck yeah it is. You can bet on that BUT…is that such a good thing that would drive engagement of the users into actually transforming data into information and information into insights? and even further…decisions based on those insights?

3 years ago I couldn’t even think of having a great reporting and visualization tool at my reach because I couldn’t afford that and college tuition at the same time and then Powerpivot became available…how did it impact me and some of my friends?

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Guest Post: Always Show Yesterday, Today, or Tomorrow’s Data

Today we have a new guest poster – Miguel Escobar.  I’ve been talking to Miguel in email and Skype for a long time now and feel silly that I haven’t asked him to do a guest post until today.  But now, I have, so I can stop feeling silly.

From his writing style and creative approach to solving problems, I think you’ll see that he fits right in.

Cool trick: Always show Yesterday’s, Today’s or Tomorrow’s Data


Executive: Are these values correct?
Excel-guy: yes, but you need to check the dates slicers to see what dates the report is using
Executive: Ugh… I just want to click on the report and see the latest values


If you ever had this situation before let me tell you that you’re not alone on that one…I’ve been there before and it’s time to give you some cool easy tricks on how to set up a Powerpivot report that shows you the yesterday, todays, tomorrow, next week or any type of timeframe (forecasting or that sort of scenario).

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