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Matthew Brice

My name is Matthew Brice. I was born, raised, and currently reside in Fairbanks, Alaska. I was raised in the family heavy civil construction company that performed projects almost exclusively in the remote parts of Alaska; places you either have to fly, barge or go overland in the winter to get to. Like all my relatives in the company, I spent around 10 years as a heavy equipment operator and truck driver before moving into the office and eventually becoming CFO. My degree is in Business Management/Accounting with a little bit of tax sprinkled in. In 2010 my family sold our collective business lines to Calista Corporation, a regional Alaskan Native corporation. My current role is IT Director for a subsidiary of Calista known as Bilista Holding, LLC. My wife and I have two young boys, two English bulldogs, two rabbits, four cockatiels, Silkie/Frizzle/Sizzle chickens and other animals I'm sure I have temporarily forgotten.

I was also the office geek and have gotten certified (though all are expired) in A+, Network +, the first part of CCNA (ICND1) as well as completing a large portion of the coursework towards a masters in CS - until I realized I didn't want to be a software engineer.

I got started working with Power Pivot in 2013 when I was quite frustrated with the current financial reporting tool we were still running (FRx) and was looking around for something better when one night I stumbled upon Power Query / Power Pivot. I could immediately see the potential so I bought Rob's first book, read the whole thing in one night and went back to the office and quickly knocked out some reports. I even managed to impress myself with what could be done with a limited knowledge of the product. I have since invested quite a bit of time learning the nuances of Dax and attended a Marco Russo workshop last year. For my purposes Power Query/Power Pivot is hands down the best reporting combo I have used. Thanks for reading.