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Today is the dawn of a new era for you.

If you work in data – reporting, analytics, dashboarding, etc. – today is literally the dawn of a new era for you. An enormously more successful and effective career awaits you, but that’s only half the story.  Something else awaits you as well, which is quite simply a better life! That’s a dramatic statement, for sure, but in the past few years we’ve seen it happen for thousands of people (and organizations) just like you. Smarter.  Faster.  More Successful.  Better Respected.  Happier.  These are words we hear every day – both from our clients as well as from the community at large. In fact, we are in this business precisely because we ourselves have lived that precise transformation, and want to help other individuals and organizations experience the changes we have seen.

“Thinking and Winning” replace “Waiting and Grinding.”

No more waiting. No more grinding.

Until recently, turning data into actionable insight was overwhelmingly bottlenecked on two different activities:

  • Waiting on a Business Intelligence (BI) team to finish a project – expensive, slow, and frustrating AND/OR
  • Grinding on a collection of spreadsheets – repetitive, labor intensive, and chaotic

When stuck in the “Waiting and Grinding” zone, the crucial human capacity for thinking is tightly shackled – there is little time for it, and what little thinking does happen tends to quickly “outrun” the tools’ ability to execute.  The dysfunctional reality of data, until today, was one where thinking was both marginalized and unrewarded.

When human beings serve the technology, rather than vice versa, it’s no accident that actual business improvement is also heavily restricted.  After working with thousands of clients throughout the world over the past few years, we can confidently say that the world has been living in the “Dark Ages” of data – a place where few organizations had even the most fundamental information required for improvement, despite floating in an ocean of the necessary data.

Today, however, we have been given the most precious of gifts: a way to escape the limits imposed by prior technology.  To unshackle our thinking.  To put the human beings back in charge.  To return our focus to the original reason for the entire “data endeavor” – to improve.

Welcome to your new world.