Power BI Feature Spotlight: Bookmarks

Every month Power BI gets an update that adds a nice handful of new features. Here at P3 we ALL get excited for this! We often stand around the water cooler talking about all the new features. When a REALLY exciting feature comes out we get as gleeful as school children! Well starting this month we want to share our excitement with you. We will showcase our favorite features (typically one to two) with you, with the aim to give you a few more ways to use the new features. Our aim will be to keep these posts bite sized and easily digestible. We’ll also aim to get these posts out at the beginning of the week, shortly after the monthly Power BI update release. With that being said I want to get into this month’s awesome feature…Bookmarks. The Legacy of Bookmark Bill I heard a story once, probably in … Continue reading Power BI Feature Spotlight: Bookmarks