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Help Us Spread the Gift of Power BI (and Power Pivot) – While Doing What You Love Full Time

Power BI and Power Pivot Job Opportunities Found These Wonderful People - Now Let the Same Find You :)
Some of Our New Consultants (So Far, That Is!) in 2017

Seriously, why haven’t you applied?

We have more work than we can do.  You have more skills than can be appreciated or rewarded in your current job.  Once that becomes clear, it’s easy to put SQRT(4) and RANDBETWEEN(2,2) together…

Click Here to Apply (and Begin the Best Chapter in Your Life of Data)

Telecommute While Working in DAX :)Oh you say this post is too short eh?

Well then… did I mention that the people who work here are hands-down some of my favorite people to even just…  hang out with?  Our company Slack buzzes every day with humor, observations, and tips/tricks.  Got a question about M or Power BI licensing?  You get to just ask your elite and friendly colleagues.

Oh, and say goodbye to your commute.  We all telecommute, except when we’re onsite with a client – and the frequency of the latter is flexible (aka, some folks do it a lot more than others, and we have a bonus scaling system to help make it worthwhile for the folks on the higher end).

Speaking of which I’m also told that we pay pretty well in general.

So OK, let’s see your name appearing in our candidate queue in 3…  2….

Click Here to Apply (and Begin the Best Chapter in Your Life of Data)

Rob Collie

Rob Collie

One of the original engineering leaders behind Power BI and Power Pivot during his 14-year career at Microsoft, Rob Collie founded a consulting company in 2013 that is 100% devoted to “the new way forward” made possible by Power BI and its related technologies. Since 2013, PowerPivotPro has rapidly grown to become the leading firm in the industry, pioneering an agile, results-first methodology never before seen in the Business Intelligence space. A sought-after public speaker and author of the #1-selling Power BI book, Rob and his team would like to help you revolutionize your business and your career.

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  1. Hey all,

    I’m Ryan Sullivan, a consultant and trainer with PowerPivotPro and the picture on the top left. Moving to P3 was the best decision of my professional life.
    That’s all there is to say.


  2. Going through the application process is even cool! You learn, you laugh, you cry, you come out of it with more than you started, it’s surprisingly awesome.

    1. Reminds me of the scene in “The Game” where the guy at the bar tells Michael Douglas, who is about to play said Game, “You know I envy you. I wish I could go back and do it for the first time all over again.” 🙂

      1. Completely true! I learned three different techniques in the process, one of which I use all the time now. And as soon as we finally sign the contract with Microsoft on Power BI, I’ll probably use the other two just as often. Not often one can say that a job application process changed your career in significant ways!

  3. I also work as a consultant with PowerPivotPro. I want to completely second what “DAX McYou” says in his/her bio from the picture above. If you enjoy creating self-service BI dashboards for work or even for fun, you’re going to LOVE getting paid to do it all day!

    1. Many have. 95+% don’t get an offer. We turn away some truly talented people because we need something that… you don’t really know if you have it.

      That said, the journey is far from over. Everyone, including you David, remains in our database for a diversified future in which new roles will undoubtedly spring up 🙂

    1. THAT position is one you already have Gordon, as a frequent commenter here. Sadly, said position is unpaid, but it provides enormous fulfillment! Or so I am told.

        1. You know me too well Rob. Thwarted at my attempt to double dip but, when the need comes up…

          The Miguel. I dig your style. I might fold “The” into my moniker. The GDRIII. Hmmmm. Thanks for the suggestion and potential contribution. I’d never heard of Patreon but, patronage is a frequent topic of discussion with a dear friend who is a struggling classically trained artist living in the modern world. Sort of Van Gogh meets Wyeth. Gerald W. Harris II

          1. Ha… I dig your style as well GDR3. Some superheroes have “definite articles” before their names e.g. “The Batman” and I am pretty much a Excel superhero at work… ergo the name.

  4. Hi, I’m a very enthusiastic about PP everything I know about PP I learned by your books and the blog if I’m from Mexico there is nothing that we can do to apply?

  5. Hello Rob, I have been your fan since I took my first PowerPivot class & bought your two books, Power Pivot Alchemy & Dax Formulas. Love PowerBI & learn it on my own. Do you hire a soon to be retiree who’s very good with computer? I have experience in training folks & would love to be part of your team.


  6. This has truly been the MOST amazing experience of my career and it is UNBELIEVABLY rewarding helping others learn how to use DAX and the Power BI family of tools to solve their data and business needs! A big THANK YOU to Rob – for all your hard work and the passion to create such an amazing company and opportunity to help others on their Power Pivot/Power BI journey!

    1. For the moment we are hiring only in the USA but if you’d like to apply and be in our database for later please go ahead 🙂

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