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A compressed version of our webinar recording is available, along with links to download accompanying Power BI Desktop file. All the goodies below.

Webinar Recording

Click to watch or use the links below to jump to a specific topic:-

00:09 Intro: Data Drudgery -> Data Joy
01:29 Power BI
01:42 Power BI Dashboard
03:44 Dashboard Mobility
05:08 Dashboard Personalization
07:59 Power BI Reports
13:10 Excel Reports
15:32 Natural Language Q&A Intro
16:46 Natural Language Q&A Demo
20:58 BI Architecture
21:16 Combing Multiple Datasets
23:21 Easy Refresh
23:36 Single Source of Truth
24:32 Closing: Data Drudgery => Data Joy => $$$

File Download

I am unable to share the exact file I demo’ed but I can share a close copy which uses some of the same techniques.

Thanks to Microsoft Power BI team for hosting the webinar. Special thanks to Charles Sterling for holding my hand throughout the webinar and his “show must go on” spirit as I struggled with my audio issues. Thanks to those who attended. You are my lifeline!

I love inspiring others and each day I wake up thinking of new ways I can do what I love

– Simon Sinek. Start with the Why.

Power On!
Avi Singh [Twitter]

Avi Singh

Avi Singh has personally experienced the transformation and empowerment that Power BI can bring - going from an Excel user to building large scale Power BI solutions. His mission now is to share the knowledge about Power Pivot and Power BI.

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  1. Avi, towards the end of the live session you showed a link to another piece on DAX Smart Controls or Smart Measures, I can’t find that one anywhere, do you mind sharing that again?

    1. Marv, Hmmm…try downloading the PBIX. But that is relatively simple DAX (but with astounding results)..just using Disconnected Slicers there. Stuff you mastered ages ago 🙂

  2. Hi Avi. This is similar to the awesome presentation you made at the PASS Analytics Conference in May! After the conference I was able create my own Financial Dashboard and it was a huge success with the management team! I can not thank you enough for all your helpful tips and advice.

  3. I cannot download the PBIX file with the current link. If you change it to …AdventureWorks_Finance.pbix?dl=1 (1 instead of 0 at the end) it works for me and maybe others as well.

  4. Hi Avi, Could you explain what’s behind the query that retrieves the formula folder? It seems to be a JSON data set but as I don’t have the underlying file it’s not easy to understand how this was done.

    1. That is just a dummy table. I like organizing my formulas in separate folder. Not sure I pulled off the JSON trick, usually I simply create a dummy table using M
      Something like
      = #table({“Dummy”},{“0”}})

      1. Thanks Avi! I am still not quite sure how you got the formulas in the folder but will further investigate I also can’t quite figure out how you were able to use KPI’s? There only seem to be normal SQL RDMS sources in the sample dashboard to Analysis Services?

  5. Hi Avi in your PBIX file, under the Formulas table, I don’t know how you were able to create a KPI measurement (I believe I’ve seen something similar in PowerPivot) in Power BI Desktop (example, %Variance, Value, Goal, Status). Is it possible to explain how you did this? Thanks!

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