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Our first edition book has been the number one selling Power Pivot book for a long time. Too long perhaps, the book was published in 2012. An update was certainly needed. Instead of an update, we went for an overhaul. Because we want the second edition to be the best book to learn Power Pivot and Power BI in every way. Here’s all that you get with our brand new book, now available as eBook or full-color Print edition (note: Print edition bought from MrExcel, includes eBook as well!).

1. Completely Updated with Brand New Chapters
2. Book Companion Files
3. Optimized for Kindle/eReaders
4. Signup for Free Webinar featuring Chapter Discussion and Q&A


Thanks to all our supporters for making it possible for us to print our book in full gorgeous color! We are working to ship the printed book to our Crowdfunding supporters as I write. Check the IndieGoGo page for latest updates.

Completely Updated for Power Pivot and Power BI

Out of the 28 chapters and 4 Appendix chapters, 14 chapters are completely rewritten or brand new to this book. Plus edits throughout the book to get it updated to the current state of Power BI. No chapter left untouched. Here is the TOC for the new book:

Table of Contents: 14 new chapters and edits/updates throughout the book

Here are some sample pages from the book (click to enlarge):

Book_Page1_A Book_Pages_010 Book_Pages_205 Book_Pages_259

Book_Pages_279 Book_Pages_293 Book_Pages_304 Book_Pages_BackCover

Book Companion Files – Completely Optimized and Free to Download

We went the extra mile this time to make sure the companion files were organized and easy to follow along with the book. The files can be freely downloaded (even if you have not yet bought the book) from the book files page.

Click image to freely download the book companion files

eBook Optimized for Kindle/ePub eReaders

Rob’s 1st edition book has glowing reviews on Amazon. Reading through some of the reviews is humbling in a way – we’re glad for all your love and support.

Power Pivot and Power BI Book Amazon Reviews
Our 1st Edition book has excellent reviews on Amazon

However, here is the “top” critical review shown by Amazon:

“Top” critical review complains about the difficulty of reading
technical books on Kindle/eReaders

We took this to heart and have optimized the eBook to make sure it looks as beautiful as the full-color print version. Bill Jelen (a.k.a. MrExcel, our publisher) has spent countless hours tweaking images, info boxes, formula formatting etc. and the results looks great.

Our eBook is optimized for Kindle/eReaders

Signup for Free Webinar Featuring Chapter Discussion and Q&A

We would like to be involved with the learning community. Click below to signup for our free webinar. At signup you can vote for a chapter you would like us to review – a problem chapter you have struggled with or have questions around. We will kick off the webinar with the chapter review but leave ample time for any of your questions around the book.

Free Webinar
Tue Jan 19th

Power On!

Avi Singh

Avi Singh has personally experienced the transformation and empowerment that Power BI can bring - going from an Excel user to building large scale Power BI solutions. His mission now is to share the knowledge about Power Pivot and Power BI.

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  1. Hi Avi

    Do you have any updates on when the first batches of the books will start shipping for those of us who pre-ordered? Already printet the first half of the book since i couldnt wait to read it 🙂

    1. from the latest update of indiegogo page: “We have received delivery of our print books, yea! And would be working to ship out the rest of your orders. Expected delivery in January 2016 – we’ll update you as we get closer to actually shipping out the orders.”

  2. How relevant is the book for self taught powerpivot/powerbi users? I’m always looking to improve my reports, but I often find many powerbi /powerpivot talks about how you can build data model, but do not talk about optimization when you have 30+tables, >500M, 50+ columns etc…

    1. TKK, book does have a whole chapter on Performance (Ch 19), but general guidelines are weaved into the book as well. Really if readers follow all the best advice we prescribe through the chapters you would come out looking reasonably good performance wise (banish flat table, instead use Data+Lookup tables, Avoid Calculated Columns, instead use Measures etc.).

      But for some users, you end up in advanced terrain where the rules either do not apply or cannot be enforced or are not enough. You would get some mileage from the book, but at that point you may need to go beyond as well. I use as a starting point (written by Kasper and Scott).

  3. Hi, will the print version of the 2nd edition become available via Amazon later on this year? I ask this because the shipping costs to the Netherlands are enormous ($40+.)

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