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This Thanksgiving there are many things we are thankful for. This has been our busiest year ever. But we are thankful that we didn’t have to work a single day the whole year. If you love your work…it isn’t really work, is it? Here is a quote from Rob’s Foreword in the new book, sharing the same sentiment:

We live charmed lives – working in data and solving valuable problems is the sort of thing that we “expect” to be boring and dehumanizing, but when it actually works, it’s exactly the opposite.
Welcome to Happy Data Land.

We are also thankful to the amazing Power BI team which has delivered a terrific product at a blistering pace, which helps us earn our paychecks. But most of all we are thankful for all the support you have given us to turn our dream into a reality. I can’t say it better than Austin:

When I dream of this book, I dream in color
– Austin Senseman, commenting about the 2nd Edition of our new book

Thanks to your support the 2nd edition of our brand new book is out and is being printed in full gorgeous color.

This coming Friday you would get an amazing opportunity to sign up for our video course at a discount and get our brand new e-book for free.

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Just stay tuned to our site (subscribe, if you haven’t already).  We will provide the discount code next week and it would be valid from Black Friday (Nov 27) to Cyber Monday (Nov 30).

The online course is 22+ hours of video delivered in bite sized segments you watch at your own pace. Delivered by Rob, course has an entertaining, easy-to-understand style. Focused on taking the Excel user from zero to mastery of Power Pivot and DAX – the heart of Power BI. See sample chapters and more information on the video course page.

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Avi Singh

Avi Singh has personally experienced the transformation and empowerment that Power BI can bring - going from an Excel user to building large scale Power BI solutions. His mission now is to share the knowledge about Power Pivot and Power BI.

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  1. Avi, going through your excellent ebook now. The chapter on Power Query is great. That said, the M code snippet on page 219 isn’t working as published in the ebook and it appears the accompanying book files aren’t available online yet. While troubleshooting the errors I think the “date” reference in the 7th step (“ChangeType1”) should also be highlighted in blue. Even with that fix, I’m only getting errors as values for the date, month, and year columns. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Dean –

      I ran into this same problem! I got mine to work, and here’s my code. Note that my table is called “SalesTable”, and my column is “Order Date”. Here are the changes that you need to make:

      1) Change line 7 (beginning with “RawDatesTable = “)

      2) Change line 8 as well (beginning with “ChangedType1 = “)

      3) Lines 9, 10, and 11 need adjustments as well. However, this time you change it to [ColumnName], but no quotes. You’re referring to the column at this point, not the name.

      ChangedType = Table.TransformColumnTypes(SalesTable,{{“Order Date”, type date}}),
      MaxDate = Record.Field(Table.Max(ChangedType, “Order Date”),”Order Date”),
      MinDate = Record.Field(Table.Min(ChangedType, “Order Date”),”Order Date”),
      DaysElapsed = Number.From(MaxDate-MinDate),
      DatesList = List.Dates(MinDate, DaysElapsed+1,Duration.From(1)),
      RawDatesTable = Table.FromList(DatesList, Splitter.SplitByNothing(), {“Order Date”}, null, ExtraValues.Error),
      ChangedType1 = Table.TransformColumnTypes(RawDatesTable,{{“Order Date”, type date}}),
      InsertedDay = Table.AddColumn(ChangedType1, “DayNum”, each Date.Day([Order Date]), type number),
      InsertedMonth = Table.AddColumn(InsertedDay, “MonthNum”, each Date.Month([Order Date]), type number),
      InsertedYear = Table.AddColumn(InsertedMonth, “Year”, each Date.Year([Order Date]), type number),

      Note that you’ll likely need to backspace the code to get each single line of code onto 1 line (it doesn’t seem to like the code wrapping onto the next line).

      Hope this helps!

      ~ Chris

      Avi and Rob, thanks for such an amazing book!

  2. Thanks for the info Avi. Today I have purchased the Powerpivot course. But I have got 1st Edition of the book not your new release “Power Pivot and Power BI” book. Can you please look into that matter.

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