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Post by Rob Collie

Power Pivot / Power BI / DAX Reference Card

RefCard Pt 2: Captures/Condenses Important Tips & Fundamentals from Our Years of Teaching
(Five “Sides” Pictured Above, Sixth “Side” is Still in Development)

PDF Preview Available Later This Month

Short Version:  drop us an email at the address below, and later this month we will send you a preview of the new reference card in PDF format.

Drop Us a Note to Get Your Preview Copy

“Completing” the First Ref Card

Creating the first reference card might be the smartest thing we’ve ever done. 

We can say that without hubris, because it was actually NOT our idea, it was Bill Jelen’s.

Still though, we have the wisdom to recognize Bill’s genius.  The reference card has been a CRITICAL component of our classroom teaching for years now:

Power Pivot / Power BI / DAX Reference Card

Ref Card Part 1 (Laminated Version) is Only $2.95 at – Click Image
(Preview Participants will Also Receive a PDF of Part 1)

Final “Product” is TBD

1) Given that the new reference card is six sides, it ideally would be printed in some sort of “tri-fold” laminated format, and in full color of course.  That’s might be pretty expensive to produce, so we’re still noodling on how to do it.

2) Plus, it would make sense to merge it with Part 1 to form something more like a quad-fold.  Hmm.

3) We want your feedback on Part 2 so we can improve it before we do anything rash like print 5 thousand copies.

4) I’m also contractually obligated to say that we WILL improve the aesthetics of Part 2 as well.  Because, well, *I* am designing Part 2, and while I might be a decent communicator, I’m not exactly a graphic designer.

Anyway, Sign Up for the Free Preview PDF Smile

Drop Us a Note to Get Your Preview Copy

Rob Collie

One of the founding engineers behind Power Pivot during his 14-year career at Microsoft, and creator of the world’s first cloud Power Pivot service, Rob is one of the foremost authorities on self-service business intelligence and next-generation spreadsheet technology.

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  1. If you want my opinion, and who would really “want” that, I would say stick to the PDF version for anyone other than who is in your training classes. Personally, I would have our onsite print shop print and laminate these for all of our users that are using the Power suite.

  2. Reference cards are a fantastic idea! I am trying to get my team of survey data analysts up to speed on a tabular data model we recently built. Some of them don’t have much for database skills, this would be really helpful. On the format, I would say most of us would prefer digital – you can always have it with you, zoom, search, etc. PDF also allows people to print it if they wish. Some of us data geeks might like a poster for our office wall :-)!

  3. I agree with the notion of local printing, for purely financial reasons. The product costs $2.95, however the shipping charges (Canada) are $29.95. Converted to local currency the package will cost me almost $42 for a single sheet. That’s definitely a barrier to sales for those of us outside the US.

  4. I sent an email, but an interesting idea for a premium version would be a 1 or 2 sheet printout that can be assembled into a cube. May not be the best layout for easily checking facts, BUT it would be a great desktop ornament, useful, and symbolic!

  5. I think pdf is the best way to deliver the reference cards…save it down and you have it with you always. I am not a big fan of hard copy!!

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