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My Business Intelligence “Yoda” Figure Joins the Team!


Master and Student, on a Fact Finding Mission in Denmark, 12 Years Ago!

In late 2002 back at Microsoft, I suddenly found myself in charge of most of the new BI-focused features of Excel (in the product wave that ultimately became Excel 20007).

The interesting thing is, I had ZERO idea what BI was back then.  I mean, I wasn’t even sure how to spell BI, as the old joke goes, heh heh.

I wouldn’t have survived that era without the patient tutelage of Dany Hoter.  Dany was our resident guru on the team back then, and still plays that role for Microsoft engineering teams to this day (he moved back home and now works for Microsoft Israel, but he and I met when we both worked in Redmond WA).

If He’s Still at Microsoft, How is He Joining PowerPivotPro?

imageBecause Microsoft is an amazing place, and Dany is an amazing person.  Dany is so valuable as a mentor – both for new hires and for veterans joining the Excel and BI “game” for the first time – that there’s a LOT of incentive to keep him on the engineering teams.  He makes everyone better.

So when he asked about doing something different – mentoring/teaching people outside of Microsoft, his management team was very supportive.  He keeps his job at Microsoft and can utilize his veteran-level “time off” to share his talents with organizations who are starting to adopt the Power BI suite of tools.

Win win for Microsoft, when you think about it.  Kudos to them for supporting it.

Extends Our Geographical and Timezone Reach


With Matt in Australia and Dany in Israel, the Sun Never Sets on PowerPivotPro!
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It’s been VERY hard for us to get over to Europe (for instance) to consult or teach classes – the travel time and expenses tend to be too high.  And even our remote (screenshare-based) consulting and assistance is often a bit awkward to schedule with the Europe/Africa/Mideast timezones.

Dany fills that need in a big way – I mean, he taught me, and continues to teach Microsoft employees to this day.  How could we possibly get any luckier?

You can contact Dany directly at his new email address:  [email protected]

More to Come Once I (Rob) Get Caught Up

I’m WAY overdue on sharing this announcement, and this is intended to be short (so that I actually get the post written and published rather than delaying further).

So there’s more to be shared here for sure:

  1. I interviewed Dany recently on Skype, and need to transcribe that for posting here.
  2. I’ve got more to say about why Dany is PERFECT for this role, how he fits in with our personality and philosophy, etc.
  3. A rundown of Dany’s many skills.  He’s fluent in basically everything, from SQL to DAX to M, and that’s just the tech stuff.  His wisdom, experience, and people skills are just as important.
  4. Dany has guest-blogged for PowerPivotPro before – you can find some of his articles here.

In the meantime, here’s his email address again:

Contact Dany Via Email