By Avi Singh

Few of you have inquired about the learning options now available. This may help you choose. Remember, that you can also mix-and-match. Many students attending Live classes also buy the Recorded course (available at a discount).

  • Live In-Person Classes (Next class in Denver): The most engaging format. Hard to replicate the energy of a live class in any other format. 2 full days of training, so expect about 16 hours of class.
  • Live Online: If you are unable to travel to an in-person class, this is a great alternative. Fully interactive and we use online chats, polls & tests to enrich the training experience. Geared towards Power Pivot beginners. Conducted over 2 days with 2 hours of training each day, plus self-paced homework. As a bonus you are invited to a 1-hour Q&A session held each month where you can bring your questions as you progress in your Power Pivot journey
  • Online University (Recorded): 22+ hours of video! This would be equivalent to a 5+ day course but you pace yourself and can revisit topics for a full year. Greater depth and breadth than what can be covered in two days.  Often taken “standalone” or as a “supplement” to our other offerings.
  • Onsite Jumpstarts (Your Location):   We bring the class to you and your team.  For larger teams, this is more cost effective than sending everyone to the In-Person Class, plus we get to use YOUR data and biz problems as the basis of the training.  Together we build working solutions to your current problems while you learn.

    Multiple Paths All Lead to Awesome Power Smile

    A former instructor, once told me, “Every person learns in their own way”. So in the end, the choice is yours. But we encourage you, in this new year, to seize the day, grab the bull by the horns and make 2015 the year you kicked things in high gear!

    Power On!
    Avi Singh