by Avichal Singh

Oh boy! What an intro…thanks Rob. “A better me than me”…now I would need to live up to that. Let’s get to work.

Change the World

What happened to ‘Cross the Gap’ you say. Well, that’s covered later. This is more important, plus we are never about doing things in the expected order (e.g. we like building BI faucets before plumbing Smile).

#1 challenge with Power Pivot is awareness. You can generalize that for Power BI, although each component of Power BI also has it’s unique challenges (e.g. Power Query).

#1 road block in spreading awareness is Power Pivot availability.

  • Excel 2010: Power Pivot is a free add-in
  • Excel 2013/Office 365: you need to be a maze runner Smile (see illustration below)Either the whole world should downgrade back to Excel 2010 or we can beseech Microsoft to do something about Excel 2013/Office 365. I tossed a coin and the latter won out. So here it is folks: Free Power Pivot!

    CALL TO ACTION: Sign yourself and recruit others to support the Petition to Microsoft to “Free Power Pivot!”. Make Power Pivot freely available in Office 2013, Office 365 (and beyond)

    Check it out, sign the petition, ask your friends, neighbors, heck even call your Grandparents.

    One clarification though, the request to Microsoft is
    – To make it “freely available
    – and not necessarily “free”, as in a free handout
    If you need more inspiration, read

  • Bill Jelen (Mr Excel)’s lament
  • Comments on the original post: “Hey, Who Moved My (PowerPivot 2013) Cheese?”
  • Scott’s comment on the petition says it all “Amazing product, amazingly hard to get

    PowerPivot Maze Free Power Pivot! Do you have what it takes?

    Cross the Gap

    Okay deep breaths..deep breaths. Channel the Stephen Covey in me. Time to let go of the circle of concern and focus on the circle of control. In spite of the effort there is no guarantee that Power Pivot availability would be straightened out. I can put that aside for now and focus on the lot who has Excel 2010 or have hit the Power Pivot lottery in Excel 2013.

    I had written earlier about the Power Pivot: a revolution in slow motion with a call to action to help those who have not yet crossed the gap from Excel to Power Pivot. Time for me to walk the talk.

    Workshop: Excel to Power Pivot - Cross the Gap Excel to Power Pivot: Cross the Gap Workshop
    Next: Fri Oct 24th Redmond, WA

    I have been conducting 2-hour workshops to get Excel users across the gap and into the “Excel+Power Pivot” land of opportunities. This URL will always point to the next scheduled workshop. There are still few spots remaining for the next one, so if you’re in the Seattle area, go ahead and signup.

    Response to the workshop has been overwhelmingly positive
    Workshop Feedback: Excel to Power Pivot - Cross the Gap

    We have been contemplating a web-version. Although a workshop format would not be possible, we will try to build a format which is equally valuable to participants. Let us know by leaving a comment below if this would be of interest to you.

    PowerPivotPro University coming to Seattle

    For those looking for something more in-depth, to zoom them from the beginner to expert level, PowerPivotPro University is coming to Seattle! I will be teaching a class Nov 11-12. Signups are open with more details (brochure etc.) coming soon.

    PowerPivotPro University coming to Seattle: Nov 11-12. Signups Open!Signups Open!

    After 5½ years there, my transition out of Microsoft has been jarring. But I am convinced that I can do more good from outside than within. By staying closer to the 99% Smile, the business users using Power Pivot and Power BI; as opposed to the 1% that stay within the Microsoft walls. We owe a debt of gratitude to them for giving us an amazing product, but at times they get out of tune with what the real users are experiencing. Make no mistake though, the revolution is coming, and we are the ones who will bring it!

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