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Apologies for the brief off-topic post, but when someone does something excellent, I like to recognize it:



Headshots of the PowerPivotPro Team (Cleveland Branch)

Changes Afoot!

We’re in the midst of making a lot of changes behind the scenes here at PowerPivotPro.  We’re changing website hosts again to avoid future outages, stepping up to a much faster server, redesigning the website…  and oh yeah, we’re making plans to expand the team (slowly – but surely).

Along those lines it was time for updated head shots that weren’t taken 6 years ago.  We had these taken on a recent trip to Chicago.  Rebecca Hellyer makes this all look SO easy – which takes a blend of “tech” chops and people skills.  If this were Power Pivot, she’d be nesting CROSSJOIN’s inside of FILTER’s while carrying on polite conversation.

So if you have photography needs in the Chicago area, definitely look her up.

Never fear, true Power Pivot content resumes tomorrow (Tuesday).

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Rob Collie

One of the founding engineers behind Power Pivot during his 14-year career at Microsoft, and creator of the world’s first cloud Power Pivot service, Rob is one of the foremost authorities on self-service business intelligence and next-generation spreadsheet technology. 

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