Hyperlinks Are a MUCH Better than Making the User Find the Right Sheet Tab         

Sorry About Last Week Smile

Yeah, we were a bit “light” on new material here on the blog last week.  That happens when I have four straight days of presentations out of town (more on PASS BACON later).

Inspired by Kasper’s Book!

I was reading Kasper’s new book on the plane (yes, I was home less than 24 hours, and am now back on the road), and its singular focus on building a full-featured set of dashboards inspired me.

It is clearly time for a mega-post on hyperlinks!

First Usage:  a Menu Sheet

As pictured at the top of this post, hyperlinks are a great way to construct a “menu” sheet.

Not only is this a BIG convenience for the “consumers” of your workbooks, but it makes the whole thing “feel” much better too.  More professional, more like an application and less like a spreadsheet.

Yes, hyperlinks can link to other locations in the workbook!  It’s easy in the Insert Hyperlink dialog:



Select “Place in this Doc,” Pick the Sheet, And Even Type the Cell You Want to Jump To!

Explicitly Set the Font!

By default, when you click a newly-created link, it takes on that old 1990’s “visited” color.  You know, this one:


This is ugly.  Avoid this.

But if you go ahead and set a font color, that will NOT happen:


I Explicitly Set the Font Color to My Preferred Color, and that Prevents the Ugly
Purple “Visited” Appearance Later On.

Also, if you don’t want the underlined format, you can go ahead and clear that too.  The link still works.

Set the column width!

If your link “spills over” the cell boundary, when the user clicks the link outside of that boundary, the link won’t work:


Watch Out For This Problem – Resize the Column or
(Gasp!) Merge Some Cells to Avoid It

Set the Screentip!

By default, when you hover over the link, you will get the destination address, which is UGLY:


Ugly Tooltip on Hover

But you can fix that in the Hyperlink dialog:


Setting the Screentip, Step 1


Setting the Screentip, Part 2


Results of Setting the Screentip

Part 2 on Thursday!

Come back Thursday for more hyperlink, cross-worksheet navigation goodness Smile