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Rob here, checking in quickly…

1) Check out today’s guest post below.  I needed to add these updates but I don’t want to push Seth off of the page and have you miss his perspective.  Click here to view his brief thoughts.

2) Yeah, the site was down for 13 hours yesterday.  Bluehost had a widespread outage affecting thousands of customers.  We hired a local consultant yesterday and are moving everything “in house.”  Buh bye, Bluehost.

3) I’ve added another session at the PASS BA Conference next month, which means I am now doing three.  The new one is an exciting new twist for me, because it’s one of our clients sharing their experiences with Power Pivot, with me merely in “color commentary” role:

Power Pivot Case Study - Live at the PASS BA Conference

Click Image to View the Abstract

It’s a CRAZY cool story about Power Pivot solving a problem at the highest levels for a billion-dollar company.  Enterprise impact from a tool that’s often mistakenly pigeonholed as limited to “team” level.

This is not proving to be the exception, either – we now already have two other clients doing VERY similar things, and like Kaman they are both in the “billion dollar plus” range in terms of annual revenue.  Not small, in other words.

Remember, if you choose to register for the conference, use code BASB5O for $150 off.

See this post for more details about the conference.

Rob Collie

Rob Collie

One of the original engineering leaders behind Power BI and Power Pivot during his 14-year career at Microsoft, Rob Collie founded a consulting company in 2013 that is 100% devoted to “the new way forward” made possible by Power BI and its related technologies. Since 2013, PowerPivotPro has rapidly grown to become the leading firm in the industry, pioneering an agile, results-first methodology never before seen in the Business Intelligence space. A sought-after public speaker and author of the #1-selling Power BI book, Rob and his team would like to help you revolutionize your business and your career.

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  1. I attended the PASS BA Conference last week in San Jose (ending 5/9/14) and went to the session where this case study was presented and found it excellent. What was accomplished was impressive to say the least. I was surprised that a company with revenues exceeding a billion annually would use Power Pivot for such a project. But then that shows my ignorance of what Power Pivot can do; I’m just beginning to understand what Power Pivot is really capable of. Hats off to Michael Miskell, for seeing the potential of Power Pivot and making it happen, especially within such a large company.

    This case study demonstrates in no small way what Power Pivot can do when someone understands it. Actually, it is hard to convey the significance of what Michael and his team’s accomplishment was and is, at least in my opinion. They were able to pull data into Power Pivot from a variety of their company’s data sources, mash it up and also utilize cube formulas in Excel and present those results in Excel, on SharePoint, and wow, par excellence! That company’s executive team now has access to key corporate numbers that most executives only wish they had, let alone refreshable data capabilities.

    In spite of the tremendous amounts spent on business reporting by companies today, how many corporations truly have access to key accurate complex data that is refreshable, directly tied to the data sources and then displayed with the proper data restrictions? (That is, users see only that which they are authorized to see.) I’m thinkin’ there is a tremendous gap between the haves and the have-nots when it comes to the availability of accurate key data that the execs and/or managers “really” want. Yeah, there is lots of data available out there in corporate systems, but not the kind of key analysis data that is relevant and easily obtainable or modifiable.

    After seeing this presentation, the value of Power Pivot is obvious. In no small way it is a significant application.

    That was one of the best case studies I’ve seen in a while. I guess it appealed to me because I saw that with Excel and Power Pivot I can accomplish the same without tremendous outlays of capital.

    Great job guys!

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