An Obvious and Overdue Development

In these early phases of jumpstarting the User Group, one of the things that’s become obvious is that we’d benefit from a social media discussion group.  Rather than try to add one of our own over on the XLUserGroup site, I think everyone would prefer LinkedIn.

Click Here to Join the Group

What’s with the “New” name?

When I spoke at the inaugural Atlanta user group in November, I found myself describing Power Pivot and related technologies as “New Excel.”  It’s just a natural way to introduce it, AND make clear that these user groups aren’t about doing things the old way.  These groups are about Change.  Opportunity.  Growth.

So I think we’re going to be calling it “The ‘New Excel’ User Group” for the foreseeable future.  What do you think?

Subgroups for Each City

We’re also going to make use of the “subgroups” feature on LinkedIn so that we can have individual groups for each city.  That will make discussion, planning, and announcements more relevant, while also maintaining overall cohesion.

If your city’s subgroup doesn’t exist yet, yell at me and we’ll get yours prioritized Smile