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If You Install Excel 2013 Standalone, and Update to Version 1511, You Will Have Power Pivot

I got confirmation yesterday, both from Microsoft and from a reader, that this week’s patch update from Microsoft fixed the problem that’s been lingering for about six weeks.

1) So, if you have Office 2013, but it’s one of the versions that lacks Power Pivot, you can buy a downloadable version of Excel 2013 Standalone (available here from Amazon), install it, and Excel will now have Power Pivot.

2) If you’ve already got 2013 Standalone, just make sure you update to 1511, which should happen automatically anyway.

3) Or maybe you don’t have Office 2013 at all, but want to run Excel 2013 Power Pivot side-by-side with Excel 2010 PowerPivot (I do this on all of my computers, for the record), then again, just get the Excel 2013 Standalone download and you should be fine.

For history on this saga, see here and here.

Rob Collie

Rob Collie

One of the original engineering leaders behind Power BI and Power Pivot during his 14-year career at Microsoft, Rob Collie founded a consulting company in 2013 that is 100% devoted to “the new way forward” made possible by Power BI and its related technologies. Since 2013, PowerPivotPro has rapidly grown to become the leading firm in the industry, pioneering an agile, results-first methodology never before seen in the Business Intelligence space. A sought-after public speaker and author of the #1-selling Power BI book, Rob and his team would like to help you revolutionize your business and your career.

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  1. Just a quick note on a typo: I was totally confused by your last bullet point, until I realized that you probably meant “Excel 2013 Power Pivot side-by-side with Excel _2010_ PowerPivot”.

  2. Hi Rob, Do you have any idea when the stand alone version might be available in England, your download link above states this is only available to an American billing address. I am currently paying the monthly subscription for office 365 Home Premium and I got a call from Microsoft support in America and when I tried explaining I wanted to upgrade to Office 2013 Pro Plus they were totally unable to grasp what I required. I am following your advanced course using Excel 2010 but I do hope to somehow get to 2013 before we move on to Power View. Also big thumbs up for the course so far!

  3. I do have a stand alone Excel 2013 retail version bought via Amazon.

    I do have version 15.0.4535.1511

    And I do NOT, repeat NOT, as in N – O – T, have Powerpivot! There is no com addin anywhere, there is just nothing.

    It is a German language version, is this update only for the American market? I mean we do some BI over here, too. Or am I missing something? Do I have to de-install Office 2010? Sacrifce a limb? I am so fed up, cannot tell you…

    1. Cabby – just to make 100% sure, if you go into COM Addins, do you see Power Pivot and Power View there waiting for you to enable them?

      (I’m assuming you have checked that already but just making absolutely certain).

      1. Not sure what it was, but the addin cleary was not there and only appeared after un-installing all office versions and re-installing and repairing Excel 2013 several times.

    2. Oh and BTW – “we do some BI over here, too” is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. I like your sense of humor, we would get along well 🙂

  4. Andrew and Cabby – this is un freaking believable. I had no idea this was US only, that was never mentioned to me either.

    I just flamed my contacts at Microsoft. Hopefully not so badly that they stop talking to me, but badly enough that they understand that this sort of carelessness is not ok.

    My apologies – I will report back if and when I hear something.

  5. Thanks for the information – I waited to purchase the standalone because I had a feeling that something would go wrong.

    I just downloaded the standalone version from the link above. I already had Home & Student so I was a little concerned, but it went fine. When I launched Excel, it showed the old Excel version number. No updates in Windows Update (even after a reboot). Small pout since I thought I would have to wait to get the update.

    After reading Cabby’s message above, I went into Add-In and miraculously Powerpivot and Powerview were there. Once I added them, that changed my version to 15.0.4535.1511. So for me at least, it was a stealth update and did not appear until after adding Powerpivot.

    I appreciate all the work (and nagging) you’ve done to get this available for home users. Now, I just have to actually listen to the lectures from Chandoo’s Powerpivot class and learn how to use it.

      1. I’m extremely thankful. I added PowerPivot, PowerView, and PowerMaps. I’m an IT Specialist and urgently in need to learning Power BI. But, I didn’t see Power Query, anyway Power Query is the last part I will learn, the M language seems more complicated, DAX is very similar to Excel formulas which I’m very advanced.

  6. Hi Rob, hopefully this will be available beyond the US soon. I have Office 2013 stand alone in Australia (on home system) so will see if it will update to include PowerPivot too. Regarding 2013 and 2010 is there much difference for PowerPivot functionality with regard to your forthcoming book? What I mean us will the Alchemy book support Excel 2010 PowerPivot users sufficiently or is it skewed more to 2013? All the blurb online at Amazon refers to PowerPivot (no version year) and Excel 2013 – is there much difference with regards to the new book? I have a copy of your first book from Holy Macro and have just successfully downloaded and finally installed (delayed due to admin rights issues) PowerPivot on my work PC for Excel 2010 but it will be a long time before we move to 2013 on our work systems. Thanks.

      1. Sooo I was a bit confused, I have it and all works OK but its not via a Standalone version. I think I was a bit confused what has PowerPivot and what doesn’t.

        I have MS Office Professional Plus 2013 at home – I previously described it as Stand Alone as its not Office 365. It was purchased via the heavily discounted MS HUP (Home Use Program), available to large corporate users and universities/students I think. ( By far the best value out there – $15 for complete Office suite, cheaper than those wink-wink “back-up” copies available at your local Computer Fair – and obviously totally legitimate.

        I didn’t realise but I guess it included PowerPivot anyway but as I hadn’t used my Office 2013 much (I use Office 2010 at work and Office 2013 is running on Windows 7 on my Mac via Parallels) I went in tonight to check out the upgrade. It has updated to Version 15.04535.1511, although I needed to leave it online for about an hour to recognise the update being available – at first it did not register that version being available(??).

        Once the update occurred, which happened in the background without reloading Excel or any undue issues, PowerPivot is now happily installed first time via Com Add In.

        Also I downloaded Power Query, the newer version of Data Explorer for free and installed this too – although the 64bit version would not work, only the 32 bit, even though my Mac system, MS Office and Win 7 are all 64bit. I’ve been trying to play with the Data Explorer 2010 version at work but find the total lack of instructions and literature make this frustratingly difficult to pick up in a reasonable time frame whilst busy on other tasks at work but I think it has great potential from what little I can find out about it. So all in all a successful, non US (Australia) install thanks!

        PS – So, the Alchemy book – as good for both 2010 and 2013 or more aligned to 2013, as per Amazon description?

        Cheers, Dave.

  7. Hi Rob
    Yes, here is Australia we can not use the Amazon download service, just to make sure we pay more than any where else in the world for software.
    So hearing the good news I was just going to drive to my nearest Harvey Norman store for a copy of Excel 2013 standalone.
    Now I am nervous , why on earth would Microsoft limit the 1511 upgrade to US customers only, if that is confirmed.
    I have just pre ordered PowerPivot Alchemy from Amazon (I can purchase books from Australia) so I was hoping to have 2013 with PowerPivot / PowerView before it arrives.
    Do you think I should purchase a copy and hope for the best regarding the upgrade given that we are so close given that the upgrade may happen in the background as described in an earlier post.

    1. Honestly Anthony I would hold tight. It’s very unclear what is going on outside the US at the moment with regard to this issue.

    1. Two reasons.

      1) I work with a lot of different clients, and they are about 70/30 split on 2010 vs. 2013. I have to have both available to me at all times for that reason.

      2) When given a choice, I still prefer 2010 most of the time. It’s a lot more useable – 2013 requires many more clicks to accomplish the same tasks.

  8. I have a question about when you add the Excel 2013 standalone — If are running 32 bit Office (Home Premium 2013 / 365) can you upgrade the Excel to 64 bit without affecting the rest of 32 bit office applications? Is this suggested (64 Bit Excel ) or should stick with 32 bit for all — I have been delaying purchasing the Excel Standalone because I did not want to have any issues (and it is not refundable)


    1. I have not tried this, but in general I am told that 32 and 64 bit Office will not coexist on the same computer, unless you use separate virtual machines for each, which is of course a huge hassle.

      1. I could do virtual machine — but I don’t think I have a need to — plus I believe that would reduce your license by a machine also. I only want 64 Bit for Excel really (and for possibly needing larger PowerPivots) – basically wanted to know if the rest of Office could be kept 32 bit with the exception of EXCEL (64 bit because of standalone install).
        Thanks for the response

    2. Here was what I have done for my solution — I uninstalled 2010 Office 32 bit — Left 2013 Office 365 32 bit installed, Installed 2010 Office 64 Bit — its seems to work — if I have any issues I will post an update — I figured this solved my issues to be able to work larger files when I need to…and I do not have to purchase a Standalone copy of Excel 2013 (as I already have 2013 Office University Edition/ Home Prem) — FYI

  9. Hi Rob,
    I can confirm that I got powerpivot 2013 now. ( I am in Sydney Australia). I bought excel 2013 standalone on Microsoft online store.

    1. Hi Rob,
      Following the positive comments from Bob in Sydney, ( I am from the Gold Coast, Australia) this evening I downloaded Excel 2013 standalone from the Microsoft Australian site.
      After reading Cabby’s comments, I deleted my Office 2013 365 subscription and reloaded to be safe. I then installed my new standalone Excel 2013 from the download over the top.
      I then started Excel and went to options -> com addins and PowerPivot plus PowerView were there, I ticked the boxes and OK. The version number is 15.0.4535.1511.
      I opened a file created in 2010 PowerPivot and clicked PowerPivot then manage and the file was converted successfully to the 2013 format.
      Thank you for being a great advocate for the BI community.

  10. Yes, I got it working here (German language version) too.

    However, before the addin showed up, I first had to un-installed Excel 2013 and Office 2010, then install Excel 2013 again, had to online-repair it several times, and after that the addin finally appeared. So much for automatically installed updates 😉

    Re-installing Office 2010 + Powerpivot addin did not do any harm, so both are sitting happily side-by-side, waiting for data.

    So it is all good now.

      1. Thanks Kevin… Do you know if I have a MS Office 2103 Standar is possible to use Excel Standalone whit the same serial number..?

        1. Narciso — Not sure I understand what you mean “with same serial #” — I used a different solution as I have Office 2010 & Office 2013/365. To use with 2013 you must have Excel 2013 Standalone or One of the higher version of Office to use PowerPivot — however if you have Excel 2010 you can download the powerpivot add-in — maybe someone else can elaborate. I decided not to purchase Excel 2013 standalone and stick with using PowerPivot with Excel 2010 (64 bit)

  11. Rob, Thanks for a great site which helped me get up to speed on PowerPivot 2010.

    Adding my voice to the debate, Microsoft has shown how short-sighted it is by making it difficult for small businesses to access PP2013. We don’t have the volumes of data which would use PP in our own right but for my company we aim to demonstrate cost effective BI using PP to much larger clients, hanging off our own products (doing Microsoft’s selling job for them).

    My problem now is that I have to work on a new laptop with Office 2013 desktop installed. It seems my options to get PP2013 are either Office 365 (E3 or Pro Plus) or Excel 2013 standalone for which you have been championing the cause here. My question is, do you or anyone else know if standalone Excel 2013 can be installed alongside Office 2013 or not? I believe the official answer is no and this would mean Office uninstall, standalone Excel install followed by Office reinstall without the Excel component. Any experience of this would be much appreciated.

    On Office 365, I did hear at one stage that the Midsize Business Plan or even the Small Business Premium Plan would support PP2013. Do you know if there is any truth in this?

    Apologies for these basic questions but my attempts to find more information from Microsoft sources recently have highlighted just how bad their customer management / service can be.

    Thanks for any help you are able to give.

    (UK user by the way)

    1. If it is any help to others, I answered part of this question myself as I needed some short term solution. Despite the Microsoft 365 site not showing any BI capability for 365 Midsize Business (and explicitly showing this for E3) I signed up to the Midsize trial. Excel comes up with PP2013 and PowerView add-ins when this is installed.

      The old Office 2013 licences still appear to be valid though not clear what happens if / when I unsubscribe 365.

  12. I have been attempting to find a comparison of PowerPivot versions — Mostly 2010 Excel vs the standalone Excel version for 2013. Also what are pros & cons of the different versions? I am mainly using PowerPivot to learn — so mostly working with sample data — or real data that I have saved from other sources.

  13. Just downloaded Excel 2013 from the Microsoft Store and it does include PowerView and PowerPivot. But (and why is there always a “but”) the PowerView add-in doesn’t automatically load. I have to click the PowerView button on the Insert tab, or disable/enable it from the COM Add-ins menu. If I open an existing workbook with a PowerView sheet without doing this, the PV sheet just shows a disabled graphic. Has anyone run into this?

  14. hi! I still have the problem, no Power Pivot add-in available. I have Office 2013 Home & Business Edition (update 15.0.4535.1511), with Win8.1. In add-ins only have the following options: Analysis Toolpak (and VBA); Euro Currency Tools and Solver Add-in. As suggested, i tried to repair online twice, but no Power Pivot! All my versions are in English, but work/update in Portugal. Any clue? thank you

    1. Doesn’t sound like you have purchased Excel Standalone, is that correct?

      You will need to buy Standalone on top of Home and Business in order for you to get Power Pivot.

  15. Since all of you have been helpful witha lot of good information let me add a little info that may be helpful. I went into Fry’s Electronics (one of those mega retailers stores that among other things sells software) and bought a copy of the standalone version. Suprisingly there were 2 versions of standalone Excel, one for Home and Business ($79) and one commercial ($109). I bought the commercial one which was nothing more than a key, went to the Microsoft website and installed it and it did include PowerPivot and worked right away (afetr adding it as an add-in). I do not know if the home and business version includes this but my guess is no (anybody can offer feedback if this is correct). I was actually suprised to see 2 versions of standalone Excel!

  16. I already have Office 2013 but had to download the standalone version of Excel for home use. Installed fine. Imported the Contoso tables from Access. No problem. All smiles to see 2.3M records upload in about 6 seconds. Played around a bit. Everything working smoothly. Had Rob’s book in my lap flipping through pages. Created a simple pivot table. Started feeling the potential of this, started to get excited. Then Excel locked up on me. Completely frozen. Unprecedented. Had to shutdown. Started over. Created a calculated field. Started getting excited again. Excel froze up again. Had to shutdown. I’m a Data Analyst that is obviously pretty excited at the potential here…but I can’t deal with the instability. Anyone else freezing up? Just me? Really?

    1. Not to be insulting, but are you really sure that it’s “locked up”? Even if you have a pretty fast machine, the database operations, calculations and pivot table updates in PowerPivot can take a _really_ long time to complete, especially if you’re dealing with huge numbers of records. PowerPoint can let you handle a lot more data on a “normal” PC, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily very quick about it. I have a few PowerPivot sheets that point to multiple, decent-sized SQL tables (nothing close to 2.3M records, though), running on a decent desktop tower, and they can easily take 10-15 mins or more to run through a complete refresh, each. I went through a couple of weeks of thinking that it was crashing on the larger datasets, until I finally just let it sit, and it turned out to work OK after 15-20 mins of spinning.

      If Excel’s not actually giving you a crash error (can’t really tell from your post), I’d recommend trying PowerPivot with a much, much smaller dataset, just to confirm whether or not it’s working at all. If you’re finding that it works OK with smaller datasets, but seems to just hang there when you’re trying to work with a really large one, then I’d suggest just letting it sit for a while (like at least 30 mins or an hour, and seeing if it comes back with anything).

      1. Oh, and one _really_ important practical point: It’s really frustrating, but if you’re working in the PowerPivot “back-end”, you’re NOT going to automatically be informed of any update messages, or errors. Those all get reported through the “parent” window, with the spreadsheet in it — and the PowerPivot window will just sit there, locked up as if its crashed, when its really not.

        So, for example, if you do something in the PowerPivot window, and it’s just taking its sweet time refreshing data, recalculating formulas, etc. you _won’t_ see any of the updates telling you it’s doing that in the status bar of the PP window — those come in through the status bar on the “main” window. If you can’t see the main status bar, then the PP window will just seems like it’s frozen. That’s why I never full-screen my PP window any more — I just resize it so it takes up _most_ of my screen, but still lets me see the status bar of the parent sheet behind it.

        Even more importantly, if PP kicks back any kind of error, it _only_ appears in the parent window. The PP window will just sit there, completely locked, until you switch back to the parent window and close out the error dialog.

        Both of those things led me to erroneously conclude that PP was “freezing up” at first, when it actually wasn’t. I either really needed to wait until a very long process concluded, or close an error dialog and get on to fixing a problem. I must’ve ctrl-alt-deleted about fifty times, though, before I finally worked all that out.

  17. Thanks for the concern. Yeah, it froze up twice yesterday. It processes my data within 2 seconds on slicer clicks and after creating new measures. The freeze ups occurred sort of randomly, adjusting a column width etc. I’m going to take your advice nevertheless and reduce the recordset.

  18. I installed, uninstalled, reinstalled office professional 2013 and don’t have PowerPivot anywhere. It isn’t even in the registry. Is there a link to the file to add back to the registry/addins folder? Maybe that will help?

      1. In a reply earlier, you mentioned that standalone may need to be purchased “on top” of the suite. Is this correct? Can I just purchase Excel 2013 standalone w/o having to buy a suite?

  19. Thank you very much for the information. I wish I read this before I purchased Office 2013 Professional. Just purchased the standalone excel on top of it and installed the two add-ins. However, only PowerPivot appears on the ribbon. PowerView is shown added but I could not it any where. Current product version is 1512. Do you know anything about it?

    1. Yeah I had the same question the first time around. Go to the Insert tab on your Excel ribbon. Do you see Power View as an option there?

      1. I found it but somehow it slowed my system down. Checked my computer and did not see anything wrong so far. Thanks a lot!

  20. Hi everyone, I was just going to just stick with 2010 because of the Power Pivot issue. Then today I had another go seeing the latest on this issue because I just can’t believe MS could really exclude small business from having this tool. I noticed the MS site comparison chart for MidSize Business was saying Yes to “Power Pivot” and no to “Powerpivot” a few lines below . OK, so I though the name now has a space maybe and so this makes sense they have made a change and the Midsize Business subscription cost per user per month is $16.50 which sounds OK.

    So I called MS first in Australia then the call was re-routed to somewhere else and the rep said I am better to subscribe to Office 365 Small Business Premium, this has Power Pivot and for less at $13.50 per user per month. I asked her 3 times to confirm this explaining there is lots on the web saying it doesn’t and that their own website comparison chart also says it doesn’t. She said it is definitely now included. So what do you do? I don’t want to waste time on getting a refund based on a MS phone contact. Does anyone know of a recent change to Small Business Premium? If there has been it would be a very sensible one.

  21. Well you guessed it. No Power Pivot with the Australian version of Office 365 Small Business Premium so all a waste of time. This is after the MS Call centre’s advice that it did and Telstra’s web page stating that this included Office 365 ProPlus. Perhaps you are wondering why he doesn’t just buy Office 365 Pro Plus for $12 / user /month which I think is reasonable. But Australia has been excluded from that long list of countries where that deal is available and instead the price for us via Microsoft’s partner in crime, Telstra, is $26 / user/ month. Why such an unfair price ?

  22. This is so frustrating I had to post. We recently extended our Office Standard software assurance only to now find out we have reduced functionality in the next version. We may as well have just let that lapse since we have to buy a new version of office to maintain our functionality. Horrible move here.

  23. IMHO, it’s not necessary to install entire other Excel if you wish to add powerpivot to your Office (e.g. 365 home and premium). Not sure about legal issues, but you may use any distributive which includes Excel with PowerPivot – standalone Excel or evaluation Office 2013 Pro from TechNet site, whatever. At setup click Custom one and disable everything except PowerPivot add-in (perhaps you may wish to add Power View) under the Excel (entire Excel shall be disable as well). Install, no key will be required. After the installation check Change for your Office 365 Home and Premium in control panel and choose full repair. Wait for a while and you have the stuff. Don’t forget to activate PowerPivot in Excel options under COM add-ins (you may do that on any step after add-in installation). I didn’t test above with any options, just had some Office 2013 Pro iso file without the key (MSDN or TechNet one, not sure), and it works with it.

    Hope Microsoft won’t close this workaround. Otherwise it’ll be reasonable to have the option to add PowerPivot for reasonable money, not to purchase entire Pro package which you don’t need.

  24. Hello Rob,
    I am using the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 (version 1512). Tried to do the add-in but does not work. I guess it is not available on this version. If I buy a excel 2013 standalone, do i have to un-install the current one and then download the stand alone version?
    your advice is appreciated.
    Thanks a lot!

    1. No need to uninstall, I don’t think. Just install Standalone over the top, is what I have been told.

  25. Hi from Europe. Just want to confirm for others who are still a bit uncertain.
    I bought Excel 2013 Standalone version from the official local microsoft site today.
    PowerPivot and PowerView are included. For sure I have installed PowerQuery on top of that.
    So even if you don’t go through Amazon or US Microsoft site you can be sure you get what you want 🙂

  26. Hello,
    Could you please let me know what MS Office – Excel 2013 is better to use 32 or 64 bit in order to load Power Map, Power View, Power Query, Data Mining and other BI tools?

  27. Hello,

    I am using Office 2013 Standard Version. Unable to install Excel Power Pivot,

    Will it support to this version or not? Whats the best option to use PowerPivot in Office 2013.


  28. Hi Rob,

    I just bought the stand alone version of Excel 2013 today from Amazon. There is no Power Pivot! It downloaded version 15.0.4420.1017 which I think is old. I’m not sure why it would do that. I can’t figure out how to update. any ideas?

  29. We have Office Pro 2013 (North America), version 15.0.4605.1000.Do we need to purchase the Standalone Excel or can we uninstall Office Pro 2013 and reinstall to get the PowerPivot add-on?

  30. For anyone considering which Office 2013 edition to buy: Home & Business as well as Home & Student do NOT include it! Home (!), Home Premium, Pro & ProPlus include PowerPivot! (just verified with MS hotline)

    1. See the More Information section that reads:” Important: These add-ins and the Inquire add-in all require specific SKUs of Microsoft Office 2013. They are available on:•Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus
      •Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus available as a standalone subscription
      •Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus available as part of the Office 365 Mid-Size Business, Office 365 Enterprise Plan 3, or Office 365 Enterprise Plan 4 offerings.”

  31. Thanks Peter but I have Office Pro 2013 and am still not able to load it up. I contacted Dell and they directed to me to this Microsoft link but when I tried to Fix it for Me, that didn’t work and when I tried the next step : back-up and delete registry keys, those particular registry keys are not there. When I try the steps for the Add-in, I still get nothing. The rep from Dell reached the conclusion and said that “PowerPivot would only be available of office professional plus or office 365 proplus for 2013.”

    1. Sue, thanks for pointing this out! Seems like MS is confused by their own licensing policy! The first two guys on the (German) hotline (including the licensing expert) told me it’s available in each edition, only after really probing deep I got this answer… 🙁

      So better safe than sorry, I’ll now consider Home edition to not include it either!

      BTW: Better don’t say “WTF?!” on this hotline (even in Germany) – or the connection will be “interrupted” before you reach the “!” 🙂

  32. Hi…, i’m from Indonesia i have the problem, no Power Pivot add-in available. I have Office 2013 Home & Business Edition (update 15.0.4535.1511), with Win8.1 , but no Power Pivot! All my versions are in English, . Any clue? or where to buy Excel Standalone? thank you

  33. This whole situation is so confusing, and frustrating. We have so many conflicting reports from Microsoft…and there is just nothing you can do. The pessimist in me says this is intentional to drive us all to office 365 monthly contracts for more $.

    Just going to have to downgrade back to 2010.

  34. I’m in Australia, bought Office Home and Business 2013 about 3 months ago (Sept 2014) and can’t for the life of me figure out if I can get Power Pivot. I’ve googled all over the place, any tips on how I can get it, would be much appreciated! (mainly so I can see if Power Maps works better with it, currently it crashes and restarts my computer all the time!) Thanks!

    1. Hi

      I was wondering if you have had any luck yet with installing the PowerPivot add-in?

      I am in South Africa and have the same problem… on the 5 occasions I’ve called MS Support I’ve either been told that they don’t have the knowledge to answer my question or they’ve put the phone down in my ear.

      The online sales support staff did say that the Home and Business 2013 Suite has this functionality but I’ve been unable to get any assistance on where to download the add-in.

      I’ve only been able to find a link for the 2010 add-in. I’ve tried two repairs and re-installations to no avail.

      Thank you!

  35. hi – i bought excel 2013 standalone and now have reason to consider upgrading the Office suite, which will include the Excel 2013 bundled – if I do this, do you know if it will overwrite the functionality of powerpivot?

  36. I have MS Office Professional 2013, update 15.0.4675.1003 but i couldn’t find Powerpivot in it, I had a chat with MS Office team they proposed me to buy another copy which doesn’t make sense to me to buy another software since I purchased this through a genuine agent and Its professional version.
    Do you know any method I can get only add-in

  37. I have just purchased MS Office 2013 – student version, and found that there is no power pivot. I’m new to power pivot and want to learn it. Can someone tell me where I can download it please?
    Thanks very much.

  38. We are using MS office standard package. In that how can I find the power pivot. I am more interested to config in my system. please help me.

  39. Hi thanx for the info. Sadly on one laptop (in repair now) I have power pivot, on this one I donb’t. Both have Ofiice 2013 home student. I got hope from this post but it doesn’t work. I ‘ve got Version 15.0.4885.1001 and it says it is up to date. How do I get 1511 after the last point ?

    Can I savely open documents on this PC which I made on the other one now?

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